• Lillythedog

    Quick Hero Reviews

    December 10, 2013 by Lillythedog

    I have been playing for a little while and have amassed a good collection of heroes.  Some I have thoroughly enjoyed and use them a lot, some have outlived their usefulness, and some I have regretted.  Here is a quick snapshot of who I have and what I believe their main contributions are:

    Black Widow

    Strength:  Has ability to remove Buffs off opponents.  Can apply weakness and stun debuffs.

    Weakness:  She is a little on the fragile side.

    Notes:  Put her in her grey tactical outfit to really make her shine.  Not only will she get the Tactician class, but she will counterattack almost every attack that comes her way.  Definitely an investment hero since she really doesn’t get all that powerful until she reaches level 6.

    Iron Man

    Strength:  Has two area a…

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