Alright, well last time I discussed what I expected or wanted to see in the future of Marvel: Avengers Alliance in terms of heroes, but just as important to heroes are to this game, so are the villains. I mean who would they fight? Sure they could be random generic thugs, but a worthwhile villain, who is also fun to fight is a joy in itself.

A little side not here, I actually started thinking of what villains this game should include before I started thinking of which heroes they should add. But unlike the trouble I had with finding worthwhile heroes to add, with villains there were so many it became a matter of separating the chaff from the wheat. Seriously think about it, for every hero out there they usually have their own stable of super villians, so for every hero you're looking at like 5 to even 10 villains that are associated with that one person! Sure some villains like to play the field and have become nemesis of multiple heroes, but the fact still remains there are far more villains that heroes out there.

A couple notes before I get started here; first villains are usually only as interesting as the heroes they face, and because of that you may find that the more popular heroes will have several of their villains make the list when compared to less popular heroes. I'm not doing this because I like those particular heroes, but they just have more quality villains than others (look at Spider-Man for example). This list has been compiled as of Jan 15, 2014, so anyone already announced will be left out. And as before I will be putting down which class I feel they should be, although I know that can be interchangeable given the mission if the current missions in the game are any indication. Also as before these class selections will be accompanied with my own brief description and thoughts as to why this villain should be added. Finally I will be putting them in alphabetical order this time, I don't think it's a big deal, but it should seem less random to you readers. Let's begin...

  • Absorbing Man > Class: Bruiser/Infiltrator  - Ah yes, Carl "Crusher" Creel, more commonly known as the Absorbing man for his power to take on the qualities of any substance he touches. Originally a villain to Thor, Creel has since gone on to pester several heroes in his life-time, including the Hulk, Sentry and the Avengers. His powers of absorption would be quite a unique ability in game, they could change based on the stage you are in or even based on the equipment your agent or heroes have. Creel is usually seen absorbing hard materials to make himself stronger, so this would ideally make him a Bruiser class. Although Creel is also able to mold his body into different shapes and even absorb himself into his surroundings, giving him an element of stealth, so an argument could be made to have him as an infiltrator as well.
  • Anaconda > Class: Bruiser  - Anaconda was a villain I almost didn't include on this list, however she makes the list for reasons somewhat unrelated to her character. But first a little rundown; Anaconda is a human that was mutated and surgically augmented to have elongating limbs, super strength and underwater breathing. On her own she was a fairly powerful nuisance, but when coupled with the other members of the Serpent Society she really became a threat. And that's one of the major reasons I have added her, to make another supervillain group alongside the Brotherhood of Mutants, the U-Foes and what passes for Hydra (I say that because they aren't really operating like a team so far). The other reason that she was included is that she is a female villain, which I feel are somewhat under-represented in this game. Anyways, with her imposing strength Anaconda I feel Anaconda would fit best in the Bruiser category.
  • Attuma > Class: Bruiser/Scrapper  - Attuma is the one of the predominant villains in Namors' life, and if you've seen my previous blog about which heroes to add you'll know that Namor was one of the heroes I thought should be added, so it only makes sense to add one of his foes in as well. Attuma could probably make it into this game on his own, without the inclusion of Namor, but I think having a Spec Ops focused on Atlantis would be a great time to introduce both him and Namor into the game. Like Namor he has super strength and durability and is also a trained fighter. As such I have also given him the same two class designations I gave Namor, that of a Bruiser and/or Scrapper. Because he is so powerful, Bruiser is the class type that first comes to mind, but his skill in hand-to-hand as well as his use of Atlantean weapons would make him an excellent choice for Scrapper as well.
  • Beetle > Class: Blaster/Tactician  - The Beetle is the first of what is sure to be many Spider-Man villains to make this list. Now it's really difficult to describe who the Beetle is or how he fights because there have been multiple people who have assumed the role of Beetle. The common trait is that they use the Beetle suit, which has a variety of weapons systems, the power of flight and sometimes even a force field device. Because there is so many people who have been the Beetle I have had a hard time choosing which class this villain should be put in, but since the Beetles' power lies within the suits' weapons systems my first choice would be Blaster. However upon watching several episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man I have to say that the version of the Beetle represented there is the one I would most like to see and as such I think Tactician could also be a suitable choice. Heck maybe they actually change the suit's appearance each time you battle it and explain that it's a different person in the suit each time!
  • Bushmaster > Class: Infiltrator/Scrapper  - The second member of my proposed Serpent Society to make the list, Bushmaster was an interesting choice because since there have been so many different members of the Society it was difficult to make a choice on which ones truly deserved to make the game. But Bushmasters unique characteristic is that he has no legs, which means he would have a unique look when compared to the rest of the rather humanoid characters in the game. In place of his legs he has a 14 foot long super-strong snake-like tail that he travels with. In addition to that he also has 2 blades attached to his wrists that are coated with snake venom to poison his enemies with. Being similar to a snake in many ways Bushmaster is very agile and stealthy in his approach to combat, which I feel makes him a prime candidate for an Infiltrator villain, although I wouldn't doubt he could pass as a Scrapper as well.
  • Carnage > Class: Scrapper/Infiltrator  - What can I say about Carnage that you probably don't already know? It's Venoms' crazy offspring bonded with it's host Cletus Kasady with all the same powers as Spider-Man, plus a few unique powers of his own. Able to produce sharp objects from his body and even fire them out at enemies, Carnage loves nothing better to cause chaos. In game that might mean he won't really be aligned with any other villains or working towards a larger goal, but that doesn't mean that he couldn't be an interesting part of a larger story. Looking at Carnage it may be easy to assume he'd be an Infiltrator much like Spider-Man, seeing as how they share many of the same powers. However to me it seems that Carnage usually forgoes the subtle approach and instead likes to have everyone see the chaos he creates. So while I think either class could work, I feel the Scrapper class is his more natural alignment.
  • Crossbones > Class: Infiltrator/Tactician/Scrapper  - Another character I think we'll see added to the game when the Captain America: the Winter Soldier movie releases, Crossbones has largely been an unknown player in the Marvel Universe to most people, which is a shame because he is actually pretty bad-ass. Now I assume once again that the version of Crossbones we'll see in the game will be largely dependent on his movie adaptation, but I still think we'll see the same basic character we know from the comics (perhaps barring his recently acquired power from exposure to terrigan mists). Again it was really hard for me to nail down a class for this villain. Sometimes I see him acting very stealthy in the comics and stalking his victims before attacking, much like an Infiltrator would. Then other times I see how his planning and use of tactics really come to fruition in a battle, even against the like of good 'ole Captain America. And even if neither of those class types fit, their is still the option of Scrapper which could be a fit as well, but I feel he fits better into one of the first two classes.
  • Cyber > Class: Scrapper  - Cyber is one of the lesser known Wolverine villains out there, and even I was largely unaware of him until recently, despite the fact that I love Wolverine. Cyber is best known for having his skin coated with adamantium, making him largely impervious to harm. He is also equipped with adamantium claws on his fingertips, capable of ripping through most known materials. Lastly Cyber has the ability to track individuals psionically using their brain patterns as a marker. Before being resurrected Cyber also had the ability to inject people with poisons from the tip of his claws that could cause hallucinations, but since taking over the body of another mutant he has lost that power. Regardless, Cyber has been a deadly foe to both Wolverine and Daken in the comics, and if he were to be included it would be awesome to see it happen in a Wolverine-centered Spec Ops, possibly at the same time we see Daken added as a Lockbox hero. Now you may think due to Cybers' adamantium skin that his durability would make him a great Bruiser, but his fighting style and skills are more in line with Wolverine and Daken, which would make him a better fit as a Scrapper.
  • Griffin > Class: Scrapper  - Griffin makes the list because not all villains need to be a mastermind or have a larger plan in motion, some villains just need to be pointed in the right direction and set loose. Griffin would be one of those villains who never really is the main boss of a mission, but rather just a mini-boss that leads up to him. Even if he is a lesser villain he is a lesser villain worth having, unlike some characters we already have (like say Boomerang and Toad for example). With sharp teeth and claws, a tail and wings for flight Griffins' moveset could be quite varied, and for someone who would be a largely melee combatant that's a good thing. He does also have the ability to telepathically control birds, but I think that's one ability we should just ignore. As I mentioned before he is by and large a melee fighter, so this would most likely make him a Scrapper, plus like fellow Scrappers Wolverine and Sabretooth he also suffers from an frenzied state of mind at times.
  • Iron Cross > Class: Blaster/Bruiser  - Now the Iron Cross is a villain from Steve Rogers past and is actually more of a walking tank than an actual person (although there obviously must be someone inside it). While it may be tricky to think of a way for a human to have survived from WWII to the modern age, there is no reason that a multi-terrain battle-suit could not. Now to be honest with you guys, I've seen the comic version of the Iron Cross and that's not the dude I want to add into this game. Instead I want the version of Iron Cross that was in the Captain America: Super Soldier video game. That thing was a beast and had an awesome look to it as well. This may seem like a far-fetched idea, but I have my hopes up for 2 reasons; one is that this universe that the game takes place in is it's own separate reality from that of the actual Marvel universe. Secondly the Captain America game was based on the Captain America movie and since alot of what happens in Avengers Alliance is affected by what happens in the movie universe it's possible we could have the non-comic adaptation chosen  If Playdom can pick and choose which version is best to include I would strongly suggest the video game Iron Cross is the superior version. As far as class goes, the Iron Cross in the game was capable of taking quite a beating, but also had a huge sonic cannon equipped on him. So really it's a toss-up between Blaster and Bruiser; take your pick because I can't decide!
  • King Cobra > Class:Tactician/Infiltrator  - King Cobra is another member of the Serpent Society super villain group I would like to see added. Cobra would be the one to serve as the Society's leader (although it is possible Viper could return as leader if Playdom thought that would be a good story). King Cobra is not only mutated by radioactive cobra venom, but he also wears a specialized suit that works in conjunction with his abilities and adds some extra firepower as well, including acidic, poisonous and explosive projectiles. Because King Cobra has experience as the leader of the Serpent Society my first thought for class was to make him a Tactician, because as with most leaders he is the one formulating the plans. And with his suit he can use different tactics to exploit and take down his enemies. However because of his slippery nature he could also be an Infiltrator due to the stealth afforded to him by his mutation.
  • Lady Deathstrike > Class: Infiltrator/Scrapper  - Lady Deathstrike is another one of Wolverine's foes to make the list and very deserving of the position as well. A trained martial artist and assassin even before her augmentations, Deathstrike was already a lethal combatant. However after having Spiral take her to the Mojoverse and operate on her she became a cyborg with adamantium molecules laced into her skin making her virtually impervious to harm. Not only that but she was given telescoping adamantium talons on the end of each figure making her deadly even without a weapon in hand. With her enhanced cyborg strength, speed and agility she prefers close combat fighting but she has used ranged weaponry before, including shurikens. Because of her ninja assassin nature Lady Deathstrike is clearly best suited as an Infiltrator, however her preference for close combat fighting also opens up the possibility of making her a Scrapper as well.
  • Lucia von Bardas > Class: Tactician/Generalist  - With Dr. Doom now a recruitable hero in the game it's hard to imagine seeing any Doombots as enemies anymore. And with Doom unlikely to return as a villain it is very unlikely we'll see any action at all coming from Latveria or in Latveria itself. That is, unless they added Lucia von Bardas as a villain. Originally a diplomat from the US, von Bardas became the leader of Latveria during Doom's absence in the comics. Seeing as how Doom will be largely absent from a life of villainy in the Avenger Alliance game, it would make sense to have his replacement from the comics replace him here as well. Another cyborg female (jeeze there's alot of them in the Marvel Universe now that I think of it), she has all the enhanced physical abilities you would expect from a cyborg, plus the added abilities of flight and force field generation. But like most leaders Bardas' best asset is her ability to use her resources to her advantage, often formulating intricate plans to use against her enemies. Because of this Tactician is the easy choice for Lucia, however because I have so few Generalist villains on this list I feel it's worth noting she could also be included in that class-type as well.
  • Mandrill > Class: Tactician  - The Mandrill is another one of the B-class villains I think would be a welcome addition to the game. With the mutant power to emit pheromones that can attract and even enslave women, Mandrill uses strategy and cunning to combat his opponents. However that is not to say he is a pushover when it comes to physical combat, because the Mandrill also possesses superhuman strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination on par with that of the great apes. And even when it comes to a game of wits Mandrill is of an above average intelligence, although by no means a genius like Reed Richards or Tony Stark. As I said before, Mandrill may not be the most powerful or threatening villain on my list, but as a lower class villain I think he would be a fun adversary. Given his strategical mind and intellect I think the class of Tactician is right up Mandrills' alley.
  • Mr. X > Class: Scrapper  - Now this is one of the few personal favorites I have on this list, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be here. What makes Mr. X truly unique is that he is basically just a normal dude who trained his body to near physical perfection and trained himself in every earthly form of martial and even some alien combat techniques. He's also proficient with various weaponry including swords, guns and staffs. The only thing that makes him superhuman is that he is a VERY minor telepath. When I say minor I mean he can only read a persons' mind to find out what they are about to do moments before they do it. That may seem like a stupid power to most people, but with his superior combat training it gives him an edge above his opponents, letting him know what to expect and being able to plan an appropriate counter. Mr. X has fought several heroes in the Marvel universe but is most commonly associated with Wolverines' pool of enemies. As for class type Mr. X welcomes a battle and revels in it, he sees the challenge and honour associated with combat and thus does it proudly. Therefore I think it is best that he be a Scrapper seeing as he doesn't really stalk his opponents as an Infiltrator would. Also given his unique ability he should have a passive allowing him to have a high percentage chance to preemptively counter attacks.
  • Mysterio > Class: Infiltrator  - Ah yes, Mysterio; Spider-Man's fish-bowl wearing villain. It should really be no surprise that I classified Mysterio as an Infiltrator, his entire persona is based around deception, illusions and tricks, all things that should define an Infiltrator (although Loki was a Tactician, so I could be wrong). Using holograms, smoke, mirrors, gases and a variety of other trickery to fool and attack his enemies with, his take on combat is to disorient his opponent rather than take him down with brute strength or physical combat. He would be an excellent villain as part of a Sinister Six chapter and could even be the main boss for a mission or two.
  • Omega Red > Class: Scrapper  - Omega Red has not only been a foe of Wolverine, but also an enemy that the entire X-Men faced from time to time. A psychopathic criminal from Russia with the mutant ability to create 'death spores' that could poison or even leech life off others to bolster his own. When the Russians found out about that they decided to spare him from execution for his crimes and instead surgically enhanced him by giving him long tendril-like cables in his arms that emerge from his wrists. These tendrils are made of carbondium, the Soviets' attempt at creating a metal on par with adamantium. It is only slightly weaker than adamantium, but alot more flexible, which allows Omega Red to coil them around his victims and use them in other various ways. Not only that but he was a Soviet soldier at one point, so he has also been sufficiently trained in both unarmed and armed combat. Omega Red usually handles his enemies with his carbondium cables or hand-to-hand, so the natural choice for his class would be Scrapper.
  • Purple Man > Class: Infiltrator/Tactician  - Sure his name and look may not be the most threatening, but Zebediah Killgrave is an adversary any hero should take seriously. He has the ability to manipulate people through the use of pheromones; and while that may not be an entirely unique ability (Daken, Spider-Woman and Mandrill are all other people in the Marvel universe that use this power to some degree), I would argue that no one uses this ability as well or as effectively as Killgrave. Able to control hundreds of people or even a select few from a crowd, Killgrave has mastered his ability to an amazing degree. Given the devious nature of his skills I would think he'd be at home as an Infiltrator, although his experience commanding others under his control could make him a decent Tactician as well.
  • Radioactive Man > Class: Blaster  - I'll be honest here, I am still unsure about having Radioactive Man on this list, but right now I am figuring it's better to have him on here so I can at least explain why I felt I couldn't just make him an honourable mention or leave him off altogether. Radioactive Man has all the powers you'd expect from a man with such a name, being able to both generate different forms of radiation as well as absorb it. It's a decent power, but it was never enough to make him a big enough name to be truly popular. However he makes this list because although he was a decent villain, possibly good enough to make my honourable mentions in his own right, it's the fact that he eventually becomes a member of the Thunderbolts and a reformed good guy that I put him up here. He's a villain we could eventually see as a hero, which i think would be pretty cool. I mean he's not that awesome of a hero that I'd include him on my heroes list, but I think after a while spent as a villain he would be a welcome addition to the Lockbox hero roster.
  • Rattler > Class: Blaster  - Rattler is the fourth and final member of my proposed Serpent Society culmination. Much like Scorpion he possesses a long mechanical tail with which he can attack enemies with. Not only can it be used as an instrument to bludgeon opponents with, but it also can fire sonic shock-waves at people which can cause vertigo, disorientation, unconsciousness, internal hemorrhaging and even death. Because of the sonic nature of his powers he is also almost completely deaf and wears hearing aids under his cowl. Because Rattler has no advanced combat training of which to speak of and relies on his tail to do damage during combat I think the best class choice for him would be Blaster. Also many of the effects of his tails sonic waves are pretty much in the game already (vertigo = dizzy/off-balance, disorientation = disorientation and internal hemorrhaging = internal bleeding/hemorrhage). So with Rattler completing my Serpent Society squad it also gives us a nice rounded stable consisting of a Blaster (Rattler), a Bruiser (Anaconda), an Infiltrator (Bushmaster) and a Tactician (King Cobra), assuming we go with my first choice of class for each. Plus as I mentioned previously both Viper and Constrictor are former members of the Serpent Society in the comics, so they could always be added to the roster as well (although given that Constrictor as a Lockbox hero now I don't know if that's likely).
  • Red Ghost > Class: Tactician/Generalist  - The Red Ghost is a very rarely seen working on his own, which is why although I only list Red Ghost here on my list I am including his entire entourage with him. But don't worry, the rest of his teammates aren't exactly villains per se, but rather apes, er, I mean Super-Apes! Yes, Red Ghost is a human who tried to replicate the mission that gave the Fantastic Four their powers with his own crew, consisting of himself and his three apes; a gorilla, a baboon and a orangutan (I'd name them all but it's largely irrelevant and some have died and been replaced over the years). The cosmic rays granted Red Ghost the ability to make himself as intangible and invisible as he wanted. It also gave the gorilla super strength and durability, the baboon the ability to shape-shift, and the orangutan the ability to control gravity (or magnetism depending on the writer). Working as a team they have battled the Fantastic Four on several occasions and even defeated them sometimes, not only due to their powers but also thanks to Red Ghosts' genius intellect. As part of Avengers Alliance I think they should work as a team during battle, perhaps with the first wave consisting of the three Super-Apes and then having the second wave feature Red Ghost himself. Being the leader of the group and smartest of the bunch Red Ghost should be a Tactician or barring that a Generalist, his apes on the other hand could be a gorilla Bruiser, a baboon Infiltrator and an orangutan Blaster.
  • Rhino > Class: Bruiser  - Yet another Spider-Man villain to make my list (and it's not the last one either). I feel Rhino gets a bum rap as a villain because he is usually seen as merely super-strong and durable brute without much brains. But while that is true to an extent, there will always be the need of brutes in the world of villainy . And due to the backstabbing nature of the most ruthless and powerful villains it's sometimes better to be dumb and follow orders rather than be smart and be seen as a threat. Yes Rhino may be a one-trick pony, but at least he is a character that is entertaining to have in a fight. Plus as I mentioned before, with all the Spider-Man villains in the game already and the ones I am adding on my list, it would be quite possible to have a Sinister Six chapter or Spec Ops in the game with Rhino playing a role. Anyways to no surprise I felt Rhino best fit into the Bruiser class.
  • Scorpion > Class: Scrapper  - Let me just say that even as a lower level villain I love Mac Gargan as a character and it doesn't matter if he is the Scorpion or Venom, he's awesome. However as we already have Agent Venom it makes sense that if Gargan is going to be in the game he should be the Scorpion. Mutated to have super-strength, durability, agility, stamina and reflexes, he also has the ability to scale walls much like Spider-Man. When equipped with his Scorpion suit he not only has added armor protection, but also a seven foot long mechanical tail that he can control. Not only is this tail a powerful clubbing weapon, but it has also been equipped with various weaponry in the past, including electric shock, an acid spitting spike and a plasma emitter. His newer version suit also has added features including pincers, but I'd prefer it if he had his old suit equipped with only the acid squirting spike. Also with his new suit he was again mutagenically enhanced and given a "scorpion-sense" similar to Spider-Mans' spider-sense, but like I said I'd rather just stick to his more classical interpretation. 
  • Scourge > Class: Generalist  - Scourge has been a role occupied by several villains throughout the years, but there is one specific version of Scourge that I feel warrants entry into the game and that is the version that was played by the man known as Nuke. Normally I would probably only put Nuke as an honourable mention on this list (although I do like him alot too), however as Scourge he was pure bad-ass, much like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, except with guns. Nuke is a former project of the Super-Soldier program and has superhuman physical attributes thanks to cybernetic implants. He is seemingly impervious to pain to a large degree possibly due to his skin being replaced by a plastic skin-like substitute. His time in the Super-Soldier program deteriorated his already unstable mind making him incredibly unstable. However he was given a second heart that helps control his mood with the use of pills. He has 3 different coloured pills; blue ones to keep him mellow, white ones to bring him down after a mission and red ones to give him an adrenaline rush (although it's been implied the red ones are merely placeboes and his violent personality is just his natural state when not on meds). I think that this system would be perfect for a Generalist, because depending on the pill he could change class types, much like many other Generalist do (such as Rogue, Moon Knight and Punisher).
  •  Sebastian Shaw > Class: Scrapper  - Ok, Sebastian Shaw wasn't originally going to be on my list either, however he is too perfect of a fit to ignore. Plus given some of the events that unfolded in the game so far I might just be saying what will inevitably be happening anyways. Shaw is a mutant with the ability to absorb energy and use it to power his other physical attributes. And he can absorb almost any kind of energy, whether it be kinetic energy, concussive energy or even energy beams, although his level of success is best when absorbing kinetic energy. But as I was saying before, as far as in game we already have seen the inclusion of the Hellfire Club, which Shaw has been a notable member of on many occasions and he was even mentioned by name in the game, so it seems likely we'll see Shaw anyways. But if Playdom hasn't actually planned to use him in the game they are missing out on a prime opportunity. Given the nature of Shaw's powers a Scrapper class would be the best fit since his powers should only benefit him if he was doing physical close-combat attacks.
  • Shocker > Class: Blaster  - The Shocker is the last of the Spider-Man villains I have listed, but is also one of my favorites. Despite his relatively low ranking as a villain, Shocker has a unique attire and attitude which has made him one of the stand-outs of Spidey's rogues gallery. Contrary to what his name may have you think, he actually does not have any electrical powers, but rather he fires compressed air from his specialized gauntlets which he can vibrate to create a powerful concussive force. These vibrational impacts can crumble an object from a distance and have proven quite deadly on his enemies. But because of the vibrating nature of the gauntlets Shocker wears his signature yellow suit which absorbs the vibrational feedback, and as an added benefit it also absorbs the impact of many of the blows he endures. Although Shocker can and has engaged in close-quarters combat with his gauntlets, he benefits most from being a ranged attacker and as such fits best into the Blaster class.
  • Silver Samurai > Class: Scrapper/Infiltrator/Tactician  - While Wolverine is not the first hero the Silver Samurai faced, he is probably best known for feuding with him. The Silver Samurai is a mutant with the ability to create a tachyon field around anything he wishes, but usually uses it upon his katana allowing it to cut through everything but the hardest of substances, most notably adamantium. As the name would suggest he often dresses the part of a Samurai wearing a suit of armour composed of a lightweight steel alloy. He is also an expert martial artist, being trained in several fields of melee combat, but specializes in edged weapons. He also has knowledge of many military tactics and overall is quite a formidable foe. However because of his reliance on close-quarters combat I feel he is best suited as a Scrapper, although he is familiar with the ninjitsu arts, so an Infiltrator could be another class type to consider, but given the bulkiness of his armor it is not one I would recommend. Also his knowledge of military tactics could also make him a decent Tactician, but again I think a Scrapper is the best class choice. One final note on the Silver Samurai is that he does become a hero for a time joining the Japanese superhero team Big Hero Six along with recent addition Sunfire, so it is possible he could be a Lockbox hero, but for now I would just like him as a villain.
  • Tiger Shark > Class: Bruiser/Scrapper  - If we're going to see the inclusion of aquatic superheroes like Namor and Namorita as I hope then we'll need to add a few aquatic baddies as well, and more than just Attuma. Tiger Shark is another enemy of Namor, once a former record-breaking Olympic swimmer, he was mutated to have physical attributes on par with an Atlantean as well having some shark genes thrown into the mix as well. As such Tiger Shark has an aggressive personality which forces him to track down prey and attack it until it is has been killed or captured or he has been forcibly repulsed. In addition to these abilities Tiger Shark also has gills allowing him to stay underwater indefinitely. However like most Atlanteans Tiger Shark needs to be in contact with water to have his powers at peak levels, which is why his suit is equipped with a water circulation system to keep him wet even while on land. Given his immense strength and durability the best class for Tiger Shark would probably be Bruiser, although he would make a fine Scrapper as well.
  • Titania > Class: Bruiser  - Titania is the fourth and final female to make my list and would be a welcome addition to the villains roster especially when coupled with her husband the Absorbing Man. They would be another power couple, akin to the Enchantress and the Executioner. While they are often seen together, they are more than capable of operating independently of one another as well. As far as abilities go she may not stand out that much by just having enhanced strength and durability, but it's strength and durability on the same level as Thundra and She-Hulk, so if those two can be added to the game I see no reason why a villain of the same caliber shouldn't be. And just like She-Hulk and Thundra, Titania fits best in the Bruiser class because of her abilities.
  • Ulik > Class: Bruiser  - Ulik is a Thor enemy that I think is often overlooked by many people. He's certainly not as popular as other Asgardians like Enchantress or Executioner and even many Frost Giants are more notable than him (Ymir and Loki for example). And it seems if you do not fall into those two categories you have to be a threat that is more than any one Asgardian can handle, as is the case with Surtur and Magog. But again Ulik doesn't really fit there either, instead Ulik is a Rock Troll with strength, durability and stamina nearly equal to that of Thor, plus he also possesses the ability to see in the infrared spectrum, allowing for complete night-vision. And like Thor Ulik also arms himself with weapons made of uru, but unlike Thor, these weapons are a set of "knuckle-dusters" in place of a hammer, but are nearly as powerful. While Ulik isn't as powerful or as popular as many of the other threats that Asgard and Thor have faced, he is still easily capable of being a boss character in the game. Because he bears many similarities to Thor in terms of ability I think it's only logical to commit him to the same class-type as Thor is as well (Bruiser).
  • Whirlwind > Class: Scrapper  - Now Whirlwind gets alot of flak, even appearing in many 'worst villain' lists on Youtube, but to be honest I like Whirlwind. Although I was largely unaware of him before, upon watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes he started endearing himself to me. Interestingly enough he is a mutant, but is more associated with being an enemy of Wasp and Ant-Man than the X-Men. With the power to travel at super-fast speeds while spinning like a top, Whirlwind can not only fly for brief periods of time, but can control the air currents around him to do things like create a whirlwind to direct at his enemies or use the force of the wind to deflect projectiles that are thrown at him. But Whirlwind was also clever enough to use his abilities to his advantage when developing his suit. Not only does it provide a degree of protection for him, but he also has it equipped with two circular saw blades that he can either use in a melee fashion while spinning or as projectiles by throwing them using his spinning velocity. Whirlwind has been a member of the Masters of Evil, as well as the Thunderbolts and has faced off against the likes of the Avengers and West Coast Avengers, so he is an experienced villain who has gone toe-to-toe with some of the greatest heroes Marvel has to offer. In terms of class, though Whirlwind does use projectiles from time to time, he seems more fond of using himself as a battering ram or fighting hand-to-hand using his incredible speed. Given that, I think he falls more in line with a Scrapper type than any other.
  • Wizard > Class: Tactician/Blaster  - Personally I am surprised Wizard isn't already in the game. To me he just seems like the kind of third-party villain that can easily be inserted as a foe for any hero. The Wizard actually possesses no super-human powers though he is a very, very intelligent man and has used that to engineer a great many gadgets and gizmos. Using his intellect he created anti-gravity discs for himself which allow him the ability to fly. But in addition to that he can use these discs to remotely attack others or use it to carry objects, even if they weigh several hundred pounds. Aside from that he has built himself a pair of gauntlets which can emit electrical blasts or use directed gravitational fields to increase his strength. Finally he created his own armour which gives him protection from attacks as well as a helmet which has been shown to be able to control the minds of others. Like many geniuses he plans things out very well and is able to think on the spot too. So just like other intellectuals like Pym and Richards I think the Wizard would fit best as a Tactician, but if nothing else he could fit as a Blaster thanks to his gauntlets.
  • Zzzax > Class: Blaster  - Zzzax is the only member of the Hulk's rogues gallery to make my list and is also unique in the fact that unlike everyone else listed, Zzzax is not a sentient creature, but rather a form of living electricity that possesses a consciousness of deceased individuals. Being made of pure electricity Zzzax has all the obvious powers of controlling and absorbing electricity that you'd expect. He can use his powers to blast enemies with a charge, increase his durability or even fly. Zzzax grows in size as he gathers more energy becoming more and more powerful. However due to his electrical nature water has proven to be a weakness for him. Because Zzzax's main attacks are hitting people with electrical blasts the obvious choice is to make him a Blaster.

Just as before, there are a great many characters I would like to see in the game or expect to see in the game soon, but do to the vast number of choices I had to make not everyone could be on this list (and just look at how many people did make the list nonetheless!). Whether it was because I felt they weren't popular, unique enough or heck, just didn't like them, the following villains are also characters I feel could be added to the game as well. So here are my...

Honourable Mentions

*Death Adder   *Doughboy   *Dracula   *Ghost   *Graviton   *Klaw   *Kraven the Hunter   *Living Laser   *Pyro   *Ronan the Accuser   *Silver Sable   *Mister Sinister   *Super-Skrull   *Tombstone   *Vengeance   *Wild Child

That's all for part 2, but I have one final part I'd like to add, so check my blog out again for part 3 where I will be discussing an assortment of other topics, including, but not limited to alternate attires, stages, character ability discrepancies and more.

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