Welcome to my inaugural blog here on the Avengers Alliance Wiki. Just to briefly introduce myself, let me just say I am a long-time comic book fan and while I like both DC and Marvel, Marvel has always been my go-to favorite for interesting characters and fantastic stories. I am also an avid gamer, mostly on consoles, but also on PC. Avengers Alliance is probably the first Facebook game I have really gotten into, but it's the perfect combination of comics and games for me.

Anyways, Avengers Alliance is now in it's 2nd season and as a late-comer to the game (I started playing in July of 2013) I have to say I am impressed with how expansive the roster is and not only that, but how varied the selection of characters are. It is not just the characters you'd expect, although almost all of Marvels most popular characters seem to have already been added. There are several lesser known heroes like Tigra, Thundra and Constrictor that your average comic book fan or Facebook user may not have heard of. I love this variation because it can introduce new characters to even veteran comic readers who may have overlooked certain heroes before but now are getting to know them because they needed to recruit a new hero to their team of a certain class type. Certainly for me this is true concerning Tigra, as I had known about her before and her exploits in Marvels' Civil War crossover event. I paid little attention to her then, but when I needed a new Infiltrator and decided to give her a whirl I was impressed with her abilities in the game and research her character more as a result. Also reward characters from Spec Ops or Lockboxes are another way of introducing a new character to an unfamilar audience, and Thane is a perfect example of this, being a new character to the Marvel Universe in general.

Here I hope to present my ideas for other characters Marvel can and/or should introduce. Some of these are fairly obvious choices and others are largely unknown picks, but I think they all have merit and their inclusion would only better the game. I'm also going to put down what classes I would suggest for said character and maybe give a brief description of why I think that character should be included. And lastly before I get into my list I would just like to note two things; one is that some of these characters are based on the notion that we will be seeing them included due to movie being put out by Marvel in the future. And two this list was compiled as of Jan 11, 2014, so some characters will be left off the list because they have already been announced (ex Iceman, Sunfire). Let's begin!

  • Namor > Class: Bruiser/Scrapper  - Namor is often called Marvels' 'first mutant' and while this is not technically true from an in-universe perpective (Wolverine would be older than Namor for example) it is true given the chronology of Marvel comics. He would often team up with Captain America in WWII and has been apart of several important Marvel stories, often at times as a key figure. His incredible strength, durability and skills make him an ideal choice for a Bruiser class or if not a Scrapper, but given the length of his run in the comics it is easy to see him getting an alt. costume as well. Good choice for a Lockbox hero during a Spec Ops as (according to my knowledge) he debuted as a villain originally.
  • Namorita > Class: Infiltrator  - Clone of Namor's cousin Namora, Namorita has many of the same abilities as Namor, but to a lesser degree it seems. However she does have several abilities that are unique to her, such as a burning touch and camouflague, the last fo which would lend itself to he being an Infiltrator in the game. While she doesn't have the same reputation of Namor, she has managed to make a name for herself, becoming part of the New Warriors, Defenders and Fantastic Four. I think it would be an easy sell to have her as a Spec Ops reward hero in an Atlantean themed Op with Namor as the Lockbox hero.
  • Blade > Class: Infiltrator/Scrapper  - Another one of the more obvious choices on this list, Blade is one of those Marvel characters who has become largely popular because of his appearance in movies. However oddly enough many people, including some comic fans do not know that he is apart of the Marvel universe. Blades' use of guns, katanas and other weaponry make him a possibility for a Scrapper, but given his vampiric origin and his methods of hunting and tracking down vampires I feel he would fit better as an Infiltrator. It is possible that he could be a reward for a vampire themed Spec Ops, one that potentially deals with Dracula.
  • Winter Soldier > Class: Scrapper/Tactician/Generalist  - I'll be the first to admit I am not 100% familiar with Winter Soldier, which is why I have such a hard time deciding which class he should fall into. While I have been aware of the Winter Soldier for quite some time he never peaked my interest as a character until I saw his portrayal in the recent trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For this reason I think it is very likely we'll see him as a Lockbox hero during a Spec Ops that coincides with the release of the new Captain America movie. Given his time spent with Cap' it is possible he could be a tactician, but I feel we have enough of those in the game already. Scrapper is another possibility but again I feel like we have lots of those. I guess Infiltrator is another possibility, but I left it off the list because I never felt like subtlety was his strong point. Personally I would classify him as a Generalist if I were making the call.
  • Falcon > Class: Tactician/Generalist  - Falcon is another character I think we'll see introduced around the time of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie. Now I am not a huge fan of the Falcon, but I am keeping an open mind to the movie adaptation of him we may see. It's that version I hope we see implemented into the game (similar to Heimdell), although a classic version of him as an alt would be a good idea. I have a hard time deciding what class to put him in, as at first glance I would think of him as a Tactitian, but compared to other heroes like Cap', Mr. Fantastic or Black Panther I don't think he fits, so maybe he would be better as a Generalist, but truly I can't decide.
  • Gorilla-Man > Class: Bruiser/Scrapper  - Ah yes, here we come to one of the more unknown characters. The quick summary of Gorilla-Man is that he used to be a soldier of fortune named Ken Hale who was seeking immortality. He did find it, but at a cost. Upon going through a tribal ritual he became a gorilla immune to dying of natural causes. While still possessing the cognitive functions of a human he gained the physical attributes of a mountain gorilla. This along with his military background made him a formidible foe and eventually led to him being recruited to the Agents of Atlas, a superhero team made up of various Marvel characters that originated in the 1950's. His mountain gorilla physique makes him an ideal candidate for the Bruiser class, but he could also fair well as a Scrapper given his military training.
  • M-11 > Class: Blaster  - Another alumni of the Agents of Atlas group, M-11, 'the living robot' is another stand-out of the group along with Gorilla-Man. He is a fairly standard take on a 1950's version robot, having super strength, a death ray, heat vision, a force field and a self-repair ability. His long list of abilities would make him a versatile character to add to the game. Although not truly responsible for the murders he initially committed, he could be considered for a Lockbox hero if they were to do a Agents of Atlas Spec Ops, with Gorilla-Man being the Spec Ops reward character. While there are other members of the Agents of Atlas that could make the cut for this game, I chose only Gorilla-Man and M-11 because of how unique they are in appearance. While most characters are more or less human in appearance, M-11 and Gorilla-Man would be a refreshing change.
  • Beta Ray Bill > Class: Bruiser/Scrapper  - Ah yes, Beta Ray Bill, the first non-Asgardian being that was deemed worthy of lifting Thors' hammer. Sure, in terms of the Avengers Alliance game Bill would probably come off as somewhat of a clone of Thor, but with a slightly altered moveset and the possibility of being a Scrapper instead of a Bruiser I think a clear enough distinction could be made that he would be able to stand apart from his pal. Besides we have X-23 and Sabretooth in the game already, 2 characters who share many of the same abilities and powers as Wolverine, yet they are different enough to be unique.
  • Songbird > Class: Tactician  - Looking at the characters and team-up bonuses already in Avengers Alliance you can see that a great many heroes have been Thunderbolts in the past. But oddly enough one of the original Thunderbolts and arguably best example of a success story from that program has been Songbird, formerly known as Screaming Mimi back in her villain days. With the ability of sonic screams and flight she has several abilities which would lend themselves to making a unique moveset. As for class type she has been shown to be a great Tactician, often leading the Thunderbolts and even impressing Captain America with her skills. With a villainous background it seems obvious that the best way to introduce Songbird would be as a Lockbox hero.
  • Red She-Hulk > Class: Scrapper/Bruiser  - Hulk has She-Hulk, so why should Red Hulk not have Red She-Hulk by his side? The Red She-Hulk, also known as Betty Ross in her normal human form, is a relatively new character to Marvel, but like Red Hulk she has enjoyed a fair amount of popularity with her arrival. Having many of the same powers as other Hulks, including super strength, durability and healing factor, she also shares the ability of absorbing energy along with Red Hulk. This would make her seem to be a clone of Red Hulk, but to a lesser degree, much like She-Hulk is to the original Hulk. However, Red She-Hulk eventually comes to possess a giant longsword that could be used to shake up her moveset in interesting ways.
  • Patriot > Class: Generalist/Scrapper  - The Patriot is the first Young Avenger to make this list. While not the most recognizable Marvel superhero team, they do have a few interesting characters. And if characters from the Runaways can make it into this game I see no reason why the Young Avengers alumni shouldn't either. Like Captain America he is a patriotic hero, as you can tell by his name and uniform, and also like Cap he possess many powers afforded to him by the Super Soldier Serum which he aquired through a blood transfusion. However Patriot is younger and inexperienced at the superhero game when compared to Steve Rogers, plus he also has a few moves that are unique to himself like his throwing stars. I think those differences along with a class other than Tactician would make him stand-out from Cap enough to make him a worthwhile addition to this game.
  • Wiccan > Class: Blaster  - The second member of the Young Avengers to make my list, Wiccan is another spellcaster to add to the game. While it would be refreshing to having him in another class other than Blaster, like much of the other spellcasters, I cannot think of a more suitable fit than that. Wiccan already has some family in this game (well sort of, it's complicated) including his mother Scarlet Witch and uncle Quicksilver, so a team-up bonus could be made for that as well ("Family Matters" anyone?). And like most spellcasters his powers can vary dramatically, from blasting lightning, to teleportation and even force field generation Wiccan could have a very ecclectic and fun set of moves to use. 
  • Stature > Class:Bruiser/Scrapper  - Stature, also known as Cassandra Lang, daughter of the seond Ant-Man Scott Lang, is another hero with the ability to change size, either growing or shrinking. However unlike the other two size-changers in the game, she seems to use her power to the obvious advantage of overpowering her opponents, which would lend itself more towards her being a Bruiser, but given that she could also shrink herself down to size, a power that would seem to contrast with the Bruiser class-type an argument for another class, particularily Scrapper could be made. Another point of interest is that Statures' powers have seemed to have been largely influenced by her emotional state, a fact which could be used to make a unique passive ability for this hero. 
  • Protector > Class: Infiltrator  - Protector, also known as Noh-Varr is another hero who has been known as Captain Marvel at one point as well. A Kree alien hailing from another dimension he has been enhanced with insect DNA giving him several different powers. These range from immunity to poisons, contortion and infectious saliva. And as a member of the Kree he has access to advanced weaponry beyond that of regular humans. His natural abilities lend themselves to making him an Infiltrator, which would be nice because with the use of Kree weaponry he would become one of the few Infiltrators in the game that would have a high powered arsenal to use. And as the fourth Young Avenger on my list it would seem only fitting that they have a Team Up bonus for formers members, which would also include Vision.
  • Daken > Class: Infiltrator  - Yes, Daken has already appeared in this game, but only as an enemy and not as an obtainable hero. The son of Wolverine, Daken has many of the same powers as his father including a healing factor, retractable claws (2 from his knuckles and one from the underside of his wrist) and hyper-sensitive senses. However unlike his father Daken also has the ability of pheremone manipulation, which he tends to use to manipulate others. This final ability is why I feel he fits more into the Infiltrator class rather than the scrapper class. While he does tend to fight much like his old man, he generally uses his pheremone powers to manipulate his victims in the process, which I would describe as a more stealthy approach to combat befitting of an Infiltrator-type. Finally Daken has long been a thorn in Wolverine's side and usually with villainious intent. For this reason he should be introduced as a Lockbox hero and possibly have a Dark Wolverine Scrapper alt released in the future.
  • Rocket Raccoon > Class: Blaster/Tactician  - Okay, let's admit it, when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was first announced one of the main questions was who was going to be Rocket Raccoon? I think that right there speaks alot about this characters' popularity, because despite the fact that Star-Lord is the teams' leader, Rocket has always been the one that gets all the attention. Possessing natural talents similar to that of Earths' raccoons, but improved through training, Rocket Raccoons' largest contribution to his team is his use of weaponry, usually the heavy stuff. For this reason my first choice for his class type was Blaster, but he has been shown to be a more than competent leader in Star Lords' absence, so a case could be made there as well. His passives could include flight thanks to his rocket pack as well as one to increase his evasion thanks to his 'coon nature (I'd call it "Scurry"). I feel the best way to introduce this character would be to have him as a PvP reward during the Spec Ops that will inevitably occur when Guardians of the Galaxy comes out.
  • Star-Lord > Class: Tactician  - By appearances alone Star-Lord seems to be the least interesting member of the Guardians of the Galaxy; he isn't a green-skinned alien, or a sentient tree-being, or even a cuddly little raccoon with a penchant for fire-arms. But assuming that he doesn't undergo a radical make-over for his movie debut Star-Lord makes up for those shortcomings by being a master strategist and arming himself with a super-powered suit and the "Element Gun", a weapon that can project any one of the four elements (air, earth, fire and water). Being the leader and strategist of the group it seems almost natural that Star-Lord would be a Tactician and as the leader of the group I would assume he'd be the natural choice as the Spec Ops reward for the Guardians of the Galaxy Spec Ops that we can guess will be forthcoming.
  • Groot > Class: Bruiser  - A third entry for the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot is another one of the more popular members of the team, most notably for his catchphrase "I am Groot". Groot has all the abilities you'd expect from a giant tree creature, including vast strength and durability and the ability to regrow parts of himself or even his entire body. He also has some abilities you wouldn't expect including fire resistance and a high level of intellect. However for the obvious reasons I think he would fit best as a Bruiser in this game, what with his fire resistance and superhuman strength and durability. Seeing as there is usually only 2 heroes added per Spec Ops I have doubts Groot would make the cut during the one that would accompany the Guardians movie, but there is no reason he could not be added as a regular recruit or even a covert task recruit.
  • Angela > Class: Scrapper  - Now I was going to stop at adding just the previous 3 Guardians of the Galaxy members to my list, however Angela is just too perfect for multiple reasons as a character to ignore. As another new character to Marvel comics Angela was originally a character of Image Comics, specifically Spawn, but was pulled through a rip in dimensions to the Marvel Universe during the Age of Ultron crossover event. Sounds a bit like the incursions happening in season 2 of Avengers Alliance, right? Although it seems that Angela will be left out of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and therefore will probably not be added during the Spec Ops event coinciding with the movie, the fact that her origin fits with the current incursions happening is almost too good to pass up. Also much like Thane I feel if Marvel wants to popularize this new character with their readers they should add her to the game to help fans get to know her better. I don't know much of Angela's abilities but it seems clear she uses various weapons while fighting, which is why I think she is best suited for the Scrapper class. 
  • US Agent > Class: Tactician/Generalist  - This is another one of the characters I feel may come off as a clone character, and to be honest I have a hard time thinking of unique ways to differentiate him from Captain America. Like Cap' he has superhuman physical abilities and also wields a shield as a weapon, plus he has extensive military and tactical training that like Captain America make his a shoe-in for the role of a Tactician. However I would still argue that including US Agent would be a good move, as there is still some room to modify his character enough to make him unique. Aside from alterations to his moveset (perhaps including more use of guns?) I would suggest they give him a differing shield than that of Cap, seeing as Captain America would have his signature shield and assuming they include Patriot as well that would mean his original triangular shield would be in use as well. The options I would suggest would be either an energy shield or the star and eagle shield he used to have. Lastly, although he fits best as a Tactician to further make him different from Cap they could make him a generalist, although Sabertooth and Wolverine are both Scrappers and aside from their movesets how different are they?
  • Jubilee > Class: Infiltrator/Generalist/Blaster  - Now Jubilee is a tough nut to crack when you consider including her in Marvel Avengers Alliance. I think most people are familiar with her look, personality and powers from her time as a mutant. However she has undergone a series of changes since then and as a character she has changed dramatically. I mention this because it seems Avengers Alliance tries to keep up with the continuity of the comics, having events that often coincide with events in the books. For this reason I think it is most likely to assume if we see Jubilee added she would be a vampire and as such the best class type for her would be Infiltrator. Like I said, that is the most likely scenario, but there is still a chance we could see her other incarnations introduced, or possibly included as an alt with their own movesets, much like Iron Patriot or the MK 42 Iron Man armor. If that were the case we could see classic Jubilee with her popping plasmoids in the game, or possibly her Wondra character with enhanced strength and flight. In either case the class type would change and she may be better suited as a Blaster or Generalist.
  • Armor > Class: Bruiser  - As one of the more interesting characters introduced into the X-Men series in recent years Armor is still rather green compared to the more seasoned veterans of the team. However she still has a set of unique powers that would lend themselves well to creating a powerful recruit for Avengers Alliance. As her name implies, Armor is able to take a beating thanks to her psionic exoskeleton. I find this to be an interesting and unique take on the skills of a psychic hero, rather than being mind reading or controlling objects with their mind, Armor simply creates an exoskeleton with her psionic energy, one that she can manipulate with her mind changing it's form. Obvious these traits set her up to being in line with the Bruiser class for the game, though she can also dish it out as good as she can take it.
  • Nova > Class: Blaster  - Nova is another relatively 'new' character to the Marvel universe and I use the term new loosely because he is not the first hero to be known as Nova or even have the powers associated with it. Sam Alexander is the newest incarnation of the character Nova, taking over from the previous Nova Richard Rider (both of which are unrelated to the Frankie Raye Nova who was a herald of Galactus). Like Richard Rider he has access to the Nova Force via his helmet which gives him superhuman strength, durability, flight and energy projection. The difference between this Nova and the Richard Rider Nova is that Sam is still very young when he assumes this role, plus this means he is inexperienced with his powers as well. But it seems Marvel wants this character to get over with its' fanbase by including him in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, so why not double down and add him as a recruitable hero in Avengers Alliance as well?
  • Boom-Boom > Class: Generalist/Blaster  - Boom-Boom, also known as Tabitha Smith is a mutant with the unique psionic ability to create explosive yellow plasma orbs of varying sizes that explode with concussive force. She is able to change how much time passes before these bombs go off and depending on the size they can be as harmless as firecrackers or powerful enough to blow up a Sentinal. I'd like to think that in game her powers would work much like the Fixers timed mines do; being set before going off in a round or two. And given her ability to vary the size and time till detonation on her orbs her moveset could still be fairly varied. When it came to picking a class for her it was a difficult choice, what with he abilties being more passive than anything, because of this I felt she fit best as a generalist since it seemed like she didn't fit in any other class. I picked blaster as a secondary choice because while she primarily uses her abilities as these time bombs, it has been shown she can focus her powers as a stream of concussive force, although this is not what she usually does.
  • Guardian > Class: Blaster  - Now I have a bit of a soft-spot for Canadian superheroes, being Canadian itself, but I feel that Guardian and many of the other Alpha Flight members deserve a spot in this game as well. The Guardian is one of the core members of the Canadian superhero group Alpha Flight, and much like Captain America, Captain Britian and Union Jack he displays his countries flag proudly on his suit. Given the importance of Alpha Flight in the comics I feel that it is only a matter of time before we see a Spec Ops in which they are featured and I think the best hero to have as a Spec Ops reward would be Guardian. Having attributes enhanced to the peak of human potential as well as a personal force field, energy projection and the power of flight, Guardian is a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Snowbird > Class: Infiltrator/Generalist  - When thinking of what other members of Alpha Flight would stand-out from other heroes in Avengers Alliance Snow-Bird was the one choice that stood above the rest. A godly diety with the power of shape-shifting into any animal native to Canada, there are no other heroes that come to mind with those same powers. Not only does she take on the animals shape, but also the other attributes of that creature, such as strength and speed. Shape-shifting seems like it would fit her naturally into the infiltrator class, but I still have some reservations about that which is why I also have the Generalist class listed as a secondary choice (which is what I do when I am unsure of what class to choose). Aside from her shape-shifting abilities Snowbird has also shown the power of flight, healing and the ability to sense magic.
  • Northstar > Class: Blaster  - Northstar may be one of the most popular characters in Alpha Flight, possibly for being the first openly gay character to come out in Marvel comics, but if you think that is the only reason he is worth note think again. Northstar is a mutant with the ability to move at superhuman speeds both on foot and while flying. Because of this he also has superhuman stamina, endurance and reflexes to compensate for the stresses of moving at that speed. He can also fight at great speeds, being able to throw punches fast enough to hurt even the Hulk. Northstar is also able to create bursts of light that can blind enemies. But what would really make Northstar a unique addition to the game is that when in contact with his sister Aurora their light powers become stronger, creating thermal energy blasts in additon to the light. Of course that wouldn't really matter unless they were to also add...
  • Aurora > Class: Blaster  - Now it may seem redundant to add Northstars' twin sister Aurora given that they have virtually the same powers, but this is a case where the little differences make them unique. While they both can travel at incredible speeds, Aurora has greater endurance and can travel longer than Northstar can, although Northstar can travel faster. Aurora also doesn't rely on her physical strength as much as Northstar either, instead opting to use super-speed tricks like creating a vortex around someone and drawing all the air away causing them to suffocate. These differences are key ways in which the two siblings could have unique movesets from one another. Aurora also suffers from multiple personalities, which would include her into the Team Up bonus 'Crowded'. But again the best feature would be that Aurora and her brother get stronger when in contact with each other. This could be applied as a passive bonus, akin to the Future Countdown passive.
  • Penance > Class: Blaster  - Penance is the hero formerly known as Speedball, who, after the Stamford incident was critically injured, but managed to survive thanks to his powers, which burnt themselves out in the process. However they eventually returned, but in a different way. Through pain Penance has been able to create explosive kinetic blasts that he can emit from any part of his body, though usually he fires them from his hands. However more recently he has regained much of the former powers he had as Speedball, even returning to that name for a time. If he were included it is possible that he could have powers associated with both his Speedball and Penance personas, but if we were only to get one or the other I personally would choose the Penance version. Besides, it's always possible to have an alternate costume added in the future.
  • Darkstar > Class: Blaster  - Darkstar is a former Soviet hero ( although now she would be from Belarus) with powers derided from the Darkforce dimension. In combat she primarily uses these powers  to manipulate the Darkforce to behave as either matter, in the form of solid objects with the density of steel, or she can use the Darkforce as energy and use it to fire concussive blasts. She is also able to use the Darkforce for non-combative abilities like flight or teleportation (which many other Darkforces users seem to do as well). Darkstar is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by the KGB and the Black Widow. It is possible that Darkstar could be a Lockbox hero as the team she was with when she initially debuted were villains, however she quickly turned sides and fought against them. 
  • Longshot > Class: Infiltrator  - As another Mojoversian, Longshot possesses powers bestowed to him through magical means. Not only is he super agile and have enhanced healing but he also has the power of probability manipulation, which seems to be a common power amongst several of the heroes in Avengers Alliance. He also possesses psychometry; which is the power to read the thoughts a person had by handling an object they had contacted themselves. It's a neat ability that could potentially be used as a passive ability in the game, though in what way I am unsure. He also has a familiarity with jetpacks, which he tends to use from time to time. Aside from that Longshot also uses weaponry such as guns and blades which he throws with uncanny accuracy thanks to his luck manipulation. Because of his acrobatic skills I think Longshot best fits into the Infiltrator class and much like Gambit he should be able to get critical hits quite frequently.
  • Man-Thing > Class: Bruiser  - I find Man-Thing to be one of Marvels' "freak" characters, not that he is really any weirder than many other characters, but rather that he seems to be an outcast from the rest of the Marvel universe. And while I had heard of him before I was largely uninformed about him until he appeared as apart of the Thunderbolts. Man-Thing possesses empathic senses which means he can sense human emotions, a skill which could be used as a passive ability in game (possibly dependent on foes being afflicted with fear, cower, or motivate for example). When in the presence of people with what are considered negative emotions, Man-Thing secretes a powerful burning poison which can burn almost anyone who touches it. He is also able to secret an antidote to that same poison that neautralizes it. Man-Thing also possesses the inability to feel pain and is able to regenerate from nearly anything. This coupled with his enhanced strength makes him an ideal fit as a Bruiser. Oh and did I mention he is also able to teleport? Another useful ability.
  • Colleen Wing > Class: Scrapper  - Now to many Colleen Wing may not be a popular choice as an addition to the game due to the fact that she has no superpowers. However many other heroes who are already in the game don't posess any superpowers either, such as Hawkeye or Mockingbird. Colleen is simply a very talented combatant who sometimes wields a katana, although she does have some training in harnessing her chi as wel, thanks to Iron Fist. She is often overshadowed by Misty Knight, who is another popular request for this game. However I am not a fan of Misty which is why I have chosen to include Ms. Wing over her. As far as class goes I think she fits best into the Scrapper class having knowledge in various forms of martial arts as well as being proficient in the use of her katana.
  • Paladin > Class: Blaster/Generalist  - Paladin is a very skilled mercenary who is very good at his job. That is a very generalized way of describing him, but it's also very true. His physical abilities are only slightly superhuman, and while he is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and an able marksman he is by no means the best. Perhaps it is the fact that he is better than average in all these fields that he becomes such a deadly foe. While he does rely somewhat on his suit and weaponry, his ability to interchange between his different skills makes him a worthy adversary on multiple fronts. Given that description it's hard to nail down what class best suits him, but based on what I've seen in the comics I've read he seems to favor firearms over the up-close and personal approach, but barring that I guess he fits into the Generalist class. Also as a mercenary Paladin never has a clear moral approach to the situation at hand, he simply does whatever the money pays him to do. As such he would be a good candidate for a Lockbox hero as his initial appearance had him do battle with Daredevil.
  • Night Thrasher > Class: Infiltrator/Scrapper  - Donyell Taylor is the older half-brother of the original Night Thrasher Dwayne Taylor and upon Dwaynes' death he assumed the mantle of Night Thrasher. While Donyell is a skilled martial artist, marksman and arcobat he also has the ability to emit bioelectric shocks on contact. He couples this with his weaponry, which includes a wrist-mounted crossbow outfitted with wire-tethered arrows to make him a living taser. Aside from these abilities he also has the Night Thrasher suit that he inherited when he took over the role from his deceased brother. The suit itself gives him added protection and enables him to project form-energy weapons, such as a bo-staff, escrima sticks and wrist blades. Because of his acrobatic skills my first choice for this character would be an Infiltrator, although he could fair just as well if he were a Scrapper.
  • Quake > Class: Blaster  - Quake has only been around in the Marvel universe since 2004, but has managed to become a part of some of the most crucial story-archs during that time. She possessed the power to create pinpoint vibrations similar to that of earthquakes. She has been able to effectively use these powers to shake someone hard enough to cause them to lose consciousness or even cause objects to vibrate themselves apart. Based on her skills I would place Quake in the Blaster category since her vibrational powers deal devastating damage, but otherwise she is as average as any other agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now that sums up my list for now, although there is a slew of other heroes who I know could be added to this list for one reason or another. However I felt the people on my list had better reason to be added than the ones I was forced to leave off. I would be more than welcome to see many other heroes added to the game as well, but the ones on my list are the ones I felt would have the best impact on the game for one reason or another. But just to let you know who else I had on my mind here is a list of....


  • Morbius  *Hulkling  *Drax the Destroyer  *Gamora  *Hollow  *Dust  *Sasquatch  *Red Guardian  *Ursa Major  *Cloak  *Dagger  *Dazzler  *Misty Knight  *Darkhawk  *White Tiger  *Silver Sable  *Miss America  *Speed  *Shang-Chi  *Arachne  *Skaar  *Xorn

Well if you've made it this far thanks for reading my blog and be sure to come back for part 2 where I will be discussing what villains I would like to see added.

Oh and please leave any comments below if you feel I left anyone important off this list of if you feel I included someone who doesn't deserve to be included.

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