Well, I take it you've already heard the news... the PD version of M:AA is being shut down. And I play in that version. Which means this is the end for me in M:AA.

I started playing this game a year ago, and I'll have to stop it so soon... it makes me truely sad. I accomplished so much in that time, though, it makes me happy. The time I got to spend on this amazing game brought me hours of fun, new friends and loads of happiness. But it all ends here, unfortunately.

Playdom has betrayed me, and all of the players that used their very own site. They have released a true exemple of hipocracy, as they have already said the game would last over 2 years (or just a longer time). Now, this comes. They have absolutely no respect towards players and they have disappointed me beyond the normal limits.

This is why I am officialy retiring from all activities, websites, videos and all other things related to Marvel: Avengers Alliance. I have to move on with my life, and looking back at one of the most disappointing things that ever happened to me won't help.

My profile page will be intact and I'll just note I have retired. As long as my Fanworks are concerned, I won't do any other ones. But I do ask for users to carry that tradition on. I didn't invent it, but I practiced it and cherished it.

This community and this wiki are amazing. It hurts me to have to leave the wiki and the game behind.

I did meet some people that I won't forget though. Users such as Truelegden and Bridgetterocks have always been nice with me, and the admins such as Potkettleblack have always helped me out. I can't thank you enough.

I will miss all this. Remember that was Playdom did was wrong. Choosing the FB players before the players in their site, that makes me insulted and outraged. But all things must end one time, and it's time for this to end. I could start over in FB, but I'm in level 3 over there. Almost no allies, absolutely no heroes, haven't unlocked PvP... it would be too hard. You, that play in the Facebook version, will not care about this situation, and if you even read this post, you'll just move on and ignore it. But please don't. Remember the Playdom players. 

I was so excited about the future of this game. But there will be none for me. No Falcon, no Groot, no Rocket Raccoon, no Gamora, no Chapter 5, no PvP Season 15, no Spec Ops 18, no Volstagg, nothing.

To all of you: thank you for all that you gave me. I'll never forget this game, the friends I made because of it or this wiki.

So, again... goodbye.

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