Hi, guys! With the start of the coolest Spec Ops ever (in my personal opinion), comes great joy, but remember: we still need to complete a set of 25 annoying tasks and 3 action-packed missions to get our reward. This is a simple guide on a wise order for the first 5 tasks and the first mission.

Start Mission 1

First of all, start the first mission of Spec Ops 18. Should be easy to pull off.

Defeating 5 Test Subjects

This also should be very simple. In one or two Medium-level threats, this task can be completed with no difficulty.

Venom in the Villain Archive

Leave the mission alone for a while. After completing the 5 Test Subjects task, you'll need to defeat Venom in the Villain Archive. This also should be fairly easy; just try to bring fire and sound based characters, such as Human Torch or Black Bolt.

Anti-Venom Mini-Boss

Exit the Villain Archive and head back to the mission. If the Anti-Venom mini-boss has yet not spawned, fight more battles until he does. It's a quick and simple battle, just bring your finest Blasters.

Vulture Mini-Boss

Then, Vulture's time comes. He should have already spawned after you beat Anti-Venom, but just fight a little more until he doesn't spawn. Defeat him with the aid of our brand new friend Sandman; should be easy too.


Then, go ahead and fight the beautiful Scream. She's a Tactician and a little hard to beat, but you can do it.

First Research and Seemingly Endless Wait

Then, commence the first research. It takes 100 Silver, 40 Unstable Iso-8 and 8 hours to finish. I advise you to wait on starting mission 2, as that could lead to task complications and unnecessary boss fight reruns. However, if you feel like you have enough UISO to do the mission and then do it again for tasks, be my guest and beat the hell out of Carnage.

Another guide for a smart way on completing tasks 6 to 10 will be up soon. Thanks for reading, and good luck with the new Spec Ops!

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