These days I've been thinking how Spider-Woman isn't good. This is my idea for a possible update (a major update, by the way) for her passives and skills. 



  • Immune to ground attacks  

Genetic Acceleration

  • Immune to Poison and Radiation


  • Has a chance to counter ranged attacks with Venom Blast
  • Has a chance to counter melee attacks with Brawl


  • Applies Biofeedback on attackers

L1 Ability - Brawl - 3 hits, One Enemy, Melee Unarmed

High Crits

  • Increased chance of critical hits

Combo Setup

  • The next unarmed attack against this target deals extra damage

Exploits Combos

  • Deals extra damage on targets with Combo Setup

Ongoing Strikes

  • Has a 50% chance to perform a follow-up attack

L2 Ability - Venom Blast - One hit, One Enemy, Bio Ranged Buff


  • Bioelectric energy deals damage every turn
  • Counts as poison

Deadly Crits

  • Deals extra damage on critical hits

Repelling Pheromones (1 Round)

  • Grants Spider-Woman Repelling Pheromones
  • Enemies can't attack Spider-Woman using single-target attacks
  • Deals damage to the attacker if it performs an area attack

Incapacitation (3 Rounds)

  • Chance to lose a turn
  • Counts as Stun for the purpose of attacks

L6 Ability - Fear Pheromones - Hit Chance: 100%, All Enemies, Debuff

Quick Action

  • Grants an immediate free turn after using
  • Does not trigger follow up attacks

Fear Pheromones (2 Rounds)

  • Reduces all stats
  • Reduced chance to dodge
  • Taking damage every turn


  • Does not trigger counter-attack or protect abilities

L9 Ability - Flyby Poisoning - One hit, One enemy, Bio Melee

Poisonous Spray

  • Applies Biofeedback to all enemies not hit by the attack

Exploits Poison

  • Deals extra damage on targets with Poison


  • Does not trigger counter-attack or protect abilities

So, that is a possible update I've come up for Spider-Woman. I'll come up with some for other characters in the future. Thanks for reading!

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