Miss Marvel -- pretty, classic Marvel character, very powerful... in the comics. At M:AA? She needs some help. I thought of this for a refactor.



  • Immune to ground attacks

Kree Speed

  • 25% chance to avoid enemy attacks and counter them
  • Taking two turns every round

Absorb Energy

  • Takes half damage from Energy attacks
  • Restores health and stamina after being attacked
  • Increases Attack and Accuracy after being attacked by Energy attacks

L1 Ability - Kree Bolts - 7 hits, One Enemy, Ranged Energy

Finest Hour!

  • Deals extra damage when under Strenghtened, Fortified, Agile, Focused, Shield or Regen effects

High Crits

  • Increased chance of critical hits

Deadly Crits

  • Deals extra damage on critical hits

L2 Ability - Brawl - 2 hits, One Enemy, Unarmed Melee


  • Takes 25% more damage from melee attacks

Combo Setup (2 Rounds)

  • The next unarmed attack against this target deals extra damage

Exploits Combos

  • Deals extra damage against targets with Combo Setup

L6 Ability - Kree Healing - 100% chance, Self, Buff Heal

Quick Action

  • Grants an immediate free turn after using
  • Does not trigger follow-up attacks

Accelerated Healing (3 Rounds)

  • Restores health and stamina every round
  • Removes and prevents debuffs
  • Attacks don't cost stamina

L9 Ability - Focused Blast - One hit, One enemy, Ranged Energy Explosive

Consecutive Blasts

  • Has a 60% chance to perform a follow-up Focused Blast against other enemies with Burning


  • Taking damage every round
  • Reduced Defense


  • Guranteed critical hits against burning targets

This is what I would improve in Miss Marvel. Did you like it? Thank you for reading!

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