Hi, guys! Today, M:AA Tactics went up on Facebook! If you haven't seen the highlight in the forums, be sure to check out the new, awesome  game. Copicat123 has created a Wiki for the game, which you should totally check out!

This daily log is just to update on what I did everyday, and my achievements. I might not be able to publish this daily; if I'm not, my apologies in advance!

These are mostly, to keep check of what I do; it's not really destined for other people to read. But, if you like to do it, go ahead and stay tuned for more Daily Logs!

June 3rd, 2014

  • Recruited Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist and Black Widow.
  • Close to finishing Assignment 2.
  • Completed Assignment 1.
  • Built Iso-8 Workshop.
  • Trained Iron Man to Level 3.
  • Trained my Favorite Agent (Harper) to Level 2.
  • Trained Black Panther to Level 3.
  • Grew to Commander Level 3.
  • Trained Captain Marvel to Level 3.
  • Successfully purchased smallest amount of Gold for purchase-testing purposes.

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