Hi, everbody! This post is kind of a movie review post. I'll try to do these for lots of movies, as they go out. Today's post will feature my opinions and thoughts on the movie Lucy. I know I'm posting it a good time after the movie premiered, but it took me a long time to watch it, unfortunately. Oh, and this won't be a super in-depth review, or anything that looks like something you'd see in IGN or The New York Times. It's just my thoughts, but it's not also just me saying "I Liked it" or "I didn't like it". Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your opinions about Lucy in the comments. (P.S.: Where I live, the movie was released this week)

General Info

Date of Release (USA): July 25, 2014

Directed And Written by: Luc Besson

Stars: Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, Morgan Freeman as Prof. Norman, Min-sik Choi as Mr. Jang, Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio

My thoughts

In Lucy, Scarlett Johansson plays the lead role as a woman tricked into delivering a mysterious briefcase, and ends up captured and forced to transport a new and powerful drug through an airport. However, things go wrong and the package the drug is in leaks, and Lucy's body goes through many changes as her brain's potential is unlocked. With her brain boosted and some new powers, Lucy goes out to get back at her captors.

To me, the whole idea behind the movie (use and expansion of our brain's potential) really was a new idea that made me want to watch the movie. So, regarding creativity, the movie surely has my approval. Scarlett Johansson's performance of Lucy was also good. I don't think it was her best performance ever, but she really did a good transition between a common and relaxed person to the brain-expanded and sort of cold Lucy. In my opinion, though she was convincing as Lucy, she has put out better performances before.

The script was also good. Again, I've seen better, but it still was good. The way it wrapped the whole story up, though satisfactory, was slightly predictable.

My Veredict

A definitive score I would give to Lucy is...

8.5 out of 10.


  • Original concept.
  • Scarlett Johansson.
  • Visual effects.


  • As her powers grew, they did get a little... OP.
  • Slightly predictable ending.

So, this is it! Thank you very much for reading, and remember to comment down below: do you agree with me? Did you watch Lucy? If so, did you like the movie? Thanks once again for reading! :-D

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