Hi guys! This post is meant to tell you I have been succesfully transfered to FB; however, I'm at low level, with little currency and supplies. So, I will need your help! Down in this post, there will be a link to my FB page (in Portuguese). Plese add me, so we can be allies and I can get back on my feet! Oh, and please tell me your FB page in the comments below, so I can know who you are in order to confirm the friendship; I will ONLY add people who give me their names and a link to their FB page in the comments.

Thank you so much!


Click HERE and you'll find my profile page! I hope we can be allies and help each other.

(Oh, and please add me for Marvel Avengers Alliance purposes only. If I see you haven't sent any gift in a period of 48 hours after the friendship began, or that you don't play M:AA, I will unfriend you - in this case - immediately. Please don't post anything on my timeline.)

Well, again, thank you!

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