More Heroic Battles ideas. These ideas are simple, but I think they would be very fun to play. Check them out:

Spider-Man VS. Venom & Green Goblin

Wave 1: Venom

Wave 2: Green Goblin

Captain America VS. Red Skull

Wave 1: Hydra RampartRed SkullDirector

Hercules VS. Ares

Wave 1: Ares

Daredevil VS. Elektra

Wave 1: Elektra

X-23 VS. Sabretooth

Wave 1: BL-DeltaBR-BetaBL-Delta

Wave 2: BL-DeltaSabretoothSC-Beta

Ghost Rider, Magik & Satana VS. Mephisto

Wave 1: Subcinctus, SpiculumVerignis

Wave 2: SubcinctusTetrabrachPraefectus

Wave 3: SubcinctusMephistoPraefectus

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