More Heroic Battles ideas:

Wonder Man VS. Baron Zemo

Wave 1: Power ArmorPower Armor

Wave 2: Hydra RampartBaron ZemoHydra Rampart

Punisher VS. Hammerhead

Wave 1: Maggia GruntMaggia ThugMaggia Henchman

Wave 2: Maggia HenchmanHammerheadMaggia Grunt

Hulk, Red Hulk & She-Hulk VS. Abomination

Wave 1: DirectorDirectorDirector

Wave 2: FirefighterScientistFirefighter

Wave 3: DirectorAbominationFirefighter

Squirrel Girl, Iron Man & Luke Cage VS. M.O.D.O.K. & A.I.M.

Wave 1: FixerGrey GargoyleTitanium Man

Wave 2: WhiplashVultureCrimson Cowl

Wave 3: Crimson DynamoM.O.D.O.K.Boomerang

Satana & Daimon Hellstrom VS. Mephisto

Wave 1: Mephisto

Elektra & Daredevil VS. Bullseye & The Hand

Wave 1: Hand ShinobiHand SpyHand Warrior

Wave 2: Hand SoldierHand Soldier

Wave 3: Bullseye

Thor, Loki & Heimdall VS. Malekith, Kurse & Wrecking Crew

Wave 1: BulldozerPiledriverThunderball

Wave 2: WreckerKurse

Wave 3: Malekith

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