I'm sure you're already familiar with 
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 Depower. It is a debuff applied by Spiral's L2 Move, Flashbolt. It's a debuff that stops moves from applying statuses. But what does it truly mean for any player's combat?

Possible In-Game Applications

Let's think of the best things you can do with Depower. The following characters can be rendered useless in PvP just applying Depower on them. Consider the following:


Rescue is an obvious case of what I'd like to call a "Depower hostage". By applying Depower, all of Rescue's supportive abilities and her only offensive ability won't do a thing to helo your team. Flyby Attack? No Winded or Off-balance. Her other moves get even worse. Protector Protocol isn't granted. Neither is Reconstruction Matrix. Her L9 is the only thing that might be a problem. With Depower, the so feared Rescue becomes the easiest foe to defeat in PvP.


The main focus of Elektra's moves is Internal Bleeding. If that can't be applied, what will? Actually, nothing. All you got left in Elektra is low damage and Stealthy attacks.

Iron Man

Iron Man's powers get strongly diminished with Depower. Think about it, in his most powerful version: Mark XLII armor. His L1 can't apply Radiation Exposure and Lock-On. His L2 won't apply Bleeding or Burning. His L6 has no Melt Armor. And his L9 won't grant him those Unibeam Focus. Why would anybody like that?


No Flanked, no Combat Awareness, no Disadvantage. Need to say anything more?


Omega Sentinel

I'm not sure if this has been fixed, but still avoid it. DO NOT apply Depower on Omega Sentinel. If she uses a Protocol-changing move (which she most likely will) the Depower will make sure nothing is applied. However, the AI will keep on trying to change Omega Sentinel's protocol, making her start an infinite loop of protocol changes, with no protocol changing. You'll be forced to restart the battle and lose rating.

Scroll of Angolob

This annoying little gear can be painful for you. If it removes Depower, well, you'll have to use Flashbolt again and risk a dodge by the attacked enemy.

That is my analysis of Depower. Thanks for reading!

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