Posting blogs can be quite enjoyable and a great hobby for some people, but sometimes there's a wish to improve. Some people have difficulty; some people feel like they were born to it. A user of this Wiki wanted me to help him with that; so, I'm here to give you all tips about posting in your blog. Some  of this blog post will refer to tutorials already existant in this Wiki; if you prefer to read them instead, just search for them.


Doesn't matter where you're posting: always stick to the rules. In this Wiki, there are a couple of them. Be careful about them not to break any of them.

1. ​Use Templates.

If you wish to upload an image that's not already in the Wiki, just do that once, for a picture in your profile page. For the rest, use templates. This wiki has a bunch of them; check this list.

2. When not in this Wiki...

If you're not posting here, just let your mind go loose! Do whatever you want, make your dreams come true.

Fanwork Hero Creations

Let's talk about creating heroes (hypothetically) in your blog posts. Lots of people do that, and it's called fanwork. Check out some tips about it.

'1. 'Use whoever you want!

At your posts, there's no need to restrain yourself to Marvel heroes or characters of Earth-616. You can make your Fanwork about Pikachu, Batman, Galactus or Mickey Mouse.

2. Don't use offensive characters.

Allright, ignore a small part of rule number 1. Offensive characters or racist characters are wrong to be posted and should generate you problems.

3. Use your template knowledge to the max!

Using templates isn't useful only to decorate your profile page. Using templates can really improve your posts. For a hero moveset, you can use templates such as EIT or Tooltip. For the stats, use StatsBar. If you want a new buff or debuff, use a EI template to insert the closest icon to the one you wish (there are a bunch of EI templates, just keep looking and you'll find a proper one).

4. DON'T Upload Images or offensive content.

Offensive Images or not needed images will most likely generate you a ban over here. Be careful and be smart enough so you don't post an unnecessary image.

5. Create a character of your own!

If you want, there's no need to put just in-game buffs on your Fanwork character. Create new ones using EI! If you're literal about this rule's name, create your own character! Just write a bio so people will know who that guy is.

Other types of Fanwork

Other types of Fanwork involve:

1. Histories written by you

As long as they don't abuse copyright, feel free to share your histories with the users of this Wiki.

2. Spec Ops Creation

You don't need to do this, but if you want, try to explain its details as much as you can. So the post won't be long, try dividing your Fanwork Spec Ops into several parts (ex.: Part 1 - Missions, Part Two - Reward Hero, etc.).

3. Other stuff

Just create whatever you want! Character refactors, entire new games, content related to other games etc. Use your creativity to write a post that attracts people so they'll comment on it and interact with it if it's a game.

Using Templates to improve Fanwork Characters

In this part, I'll talk only about Fanwork CHARACTERS. What you can do to detail them, etc.


To specify your character's class, use templates such as Class or ClassS. To inform cost, use templates such as Commpoint, or maybe even Gold. If it is Lockbox unlockable, create a discartable blog with a blog creator site with one single post: the covers. You can post the covers' story over here.


Specify stats by using the StatsBar template. Watch out: it doesn't inform all of the stats with one entry of the template, just one, and it doesn't give specifications. Use it like this; write the name of the wished stat followed by the following: stat number in source mode. Here's an example:

Accuracy: StatsBar|4 generates Accuracy: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 (The StatsBar|4 is supposed to be between these: {{}}

Warning: the word "Accuracy" or any other stat is NOT required before the entry of the StatsBar template and does not interfere with the Template's work.

Passive Buffs

If your character flies, input the Flying buff with EIT or Tooltip. Then, use one EI template to choose an icon for the passive you wish to create and assing to that character. Use bold for the passive's name and normal writing for the description.


First, write something like this:

L1 Ability: [input ability's name here] (insert move type here) - enemies hit, nº of hits, cooldown (if has)

Then after writing that stuff above (with the specifications you want), use a list below that stuff with EIT or Tooltip to specifiy debuffs, attributes or buffs that already exist in-game; for non-existant buffs, debuffs or attributes, use EI followed by bold (only for the name) and normal text for the description.

Team-Up Bonuses

This is optional. Here's a step-by-step on how to do an addequate team-up list:

1. Pick a Team-Up Bonus page

Go to a hero page. Go to his Team-Up Bonuses section. Select the "Edit" option, then just copy the list with the "TUB" templates (not the individual team-ups, but the one named "All Possive Team-Ups". Close the page immediately, and don't do any true edits to it. Paste it in your fanwork.

2. Adapt it to your character

Erase all content, but keep the rows of the table. Then go to this page. For every team-up bonus your character applies to, add it to the table. Add more rows if necessary. If you want, create that hero's own team-up bonuses with specific characters (those have to be in the game).

3. Set aside characters by points

In a Word or Wordpad computer app, write down every character that has a team-up bonus with your character, followed by his team-up point bonus. Example:

"Ares - 50

Beast - 100

Colossus - 200"

Note: the list above is entirely hypothetical.

The reason to do this on Word or Wordpad is that in this way you don't waste time trying to remember the team-ups your character has with everybody. Hint: so you don't have to remember anything, just click "Preview" to see the team-ups and write them down along with their values on Word or just a piece of paper.

4. Add individual team-ups

The team-ups themselves are already optional; this part is even more.At the same time it helps detail your character, it can be exhaustive and take quite some time. This depends on the number of team-ups your character has. In edit mode, copy the list of a hero's individual team-ups. Erase the rows' content, but again, keep the rows. Use the HeroS template to add the image on the first column; on the second column, post a link to the character's page; on the third, his team-ups with your character. Do this one time for the 50 points worth team-ups, another for the 100 points worth team-ups, another for the 150 points worth team-ups, and every one until the 300 points worth team-ups. If a character has no team-ups worth a certain amount of points, follow that example:

300 Team-Ups (in Heading 3 or Heading 4 writing size):


Well, that is it for my advices and the tips I can give for posting in your blog. If you have any other doubts, post it in the comments, and I'll reply. Oh, and I know most of this can be found in tutorials made by the admins or is in the Wiki policy, but since someone asked me to do this, I did it. It's from user to all other users who read this. Keep on posting at your blogs, guys, and you'll be happier. I hope this post has been useful and will help you improve your blogs. Thanks for reading!

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