• LazyJustice

    Hi guys!!! First blog post, just for try. As everyone else, I've got some ideas for future Spec Ops, and since Agent Venom has been introduced in the last PVP Tournament, it could be nice if they made a Spec Op out of Minimum Carnage. Venom would be both a team-up, while under control, and a boss or mini-boss, while in monster form, and Scarlet Spider (Kaine) would be the reward hero. He could be nice to play as, with the stealthy costume, the stingers etc. Carnage would obviously be the boss, also Group Boss, since in the original story he multiplies himself at a certain point. The Spec Op would also introduce the Microverse in the game, with Hank Pym surely having a role in it, but also with a lot of future possibilities coming from it. S…

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