Hey guys! Recently, I had a recurring thought that just kept sticking to my mind, so I wrote this blog. Let's go straight to the chase. Who doesn't agree that Deadpool's laptop is a bit...random and unreliable. Sure, it can help sometimes, however, it is just simply too situational. How about this: we can choose what he does with the laptop! Now, before you start bashing this idea, getting your pitchforks out of your closets or something and calling a mob to burn me, hear me out. First off, Deadpool will still be able to control who he likes. I mean, those are his preferences. If he likes the enemy Wolverine, don't take it away from him. His laptop will be in a button next to the recharge one, if possible. Onto what we can do with the wonderful device whose cousin is allowing me to write this blog now. There are three skills you can use with the laptop and all of them are quick actions. The laptop starts cooled down for 1 round. Then, you can use 'The Nerf Bat'(Not sure what it's called in game, sorry :c), 'L33t H4cking Skillz' and 'Level Up'. All these skills have a cooldown of three rounds and will appear in a format similar to that of the Synthetic Cube-when you hover your mouse over the laptop icon, the skills will come out. Now that you heard my idea to make him less random and more reliable, you may start an angry mob and bash my idea.

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