• Lablabdi

    An idea for Deadpool!

    November 10, 2013 by Lablabdi

    Hey guys! Recently, I had a recurring thought that just kept sticking to my mind, so I wrote this blog. Let's go straight to the chase. Who doesn't agree that Deadpool's laptop is a bit...random and unreliable. Sure, it can help sometimes, however, it is just simply too situational. How about this: we can choose what he does with the laptop! Now, before you start bashing this idea, getting your pitchforks out of your closets or something and calling a mob to burn me, hear me out. First off, Deadpool will still be able to control who he likes. I mean, those are his preferences. If he likes the enemy Wolverine, don't take it away from him. His laptop will be in a button next to the recharge one, if possible. Onto what we can do with the wond…

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