Hey I missed out on ALL the spec OP Stuff and limited time only stuff.

Currently my Heroes are:

lv 20 Agent (Scrappers DermoSteel Jumpsuit)

 Chain Blade, El Diablo, Assault Shotgun

lvl 5 Iron Man (default uniform); lvl 6 Black Widow (Default); lvl 5 Hawkeye (Default); lvl 6 Human Torch (Annihilus Blaster, Default) lvl 6 Ms. Marvel (Default) and lvl 3 War Machine.

I'm currently going through 5 starring chapter 1 missions for CPs (Currently I have 92) I was wondering which character would be good to purchase and maybe any gear recommendations. I am an active PVPer currently in Daimond. PVP Team right now is Agent, Human Torch (ann), and Hawkeye (until I can lvl up WM) Any tips.

Keeping in mind I have none of the Pheonix Items and missed out on NIghtingale, Emma, and Magik

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