What do people suggest for doing better in PVP? I'm someone that puts very little money in this game. I only want to do better for personal satisfaction.

My Stats:

Level 99 Infiltrator Agent


Scroll of Angolob (I know, noobish but it helps)

Custom Adamantium Knuckles

Fist of the Colossus

The Toolbox

My heroes (everyone's level 9 except Cyclops who's 10)

Iron Man(Blas) 

Black Widow(Inf)

Avengers Hawkeye (Tac)

Phoenix Cyclops(Tac)

Iron Fist

Phoenix Phoenix (Blas)

Phoenix Colossus (Scrap) 


FF Invisible Woman (Inf) 

Modern Dr. Strange (Blas)

Scarlet Witch



Nightcrawler (Inf)



Captain Britain


Original Ms. Marvel (Brus)

Iron Patriot (Tac)

I would love a team that uses either Magik, Magneto, or Cyclops (simply becuase they're my favorites) but I use everyone. When I first started playing, I always got to diamond, now I cant even get out of silver. It seems like everyone I face is so much stronger than me that I get lucky when I face someone on my level. What do people think?

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