Hello everybody , from a far away country, i like to share some of my own inspiration , in a lenguage very close to the english


So, in no long time its the first anniversary , and you know, every birthday you cant invite everybody .. yup, you chose some friends , work partners , school pals , parents and so ..

Not here , my friends - In MAA all can come, the more the best.

My Idea : A Spec Ops o same event .. WITH THE FOES YOU TEAM !! Ridiculous , yeah , imposible ...NOT.

Can you imagine ? Control Magneto an his mutants ? Asgardians , for example ? Militant, Hammer, Bowman and Tactical Force ? All of them have the same number of animations and attacks, just a little adjust from Playdom and ..Voila !! Maybe some two or three sides ala AvX .

The only big move is choice the gifts they release during the event , but i think all the fans need some in exchange.

Thanks for read , sorry the bad english and expect ... EXELSIOR !!

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