Hello guys i'm Kherv4 and i'm a newbie here.I'm here to cheer up all players here especially in PVP :)]

Lately i've been feeling a depression because i've got demoted in PVP,from Diamond to Gold:(.But anyway guys there are plenty of time to ace the PVP.I actually hate Dr.Strange with his uniform,it wipeouts my team >__< and it really makes me frustrated as in I want to punch the computer!.But i've realized there are plenty of time plus christmas is coooming! :) so we have a lot of time :) as in FIGHTING!!! Anyway guys all of us experiences how to lose and to win,it's a part of a game.It measures our capability to play and to think for the game.Guys I just want you to know that  I can be a friend here in this great wiki :).Just tell me anything and we will talk about it in goodways.So guys just fight nad try until you win :)

P.S: Don't call me Kherv4,I want to be called "Emma Frost" in this wiki :),hihiih i'm a die-hard fan of Emma Frost :)

Oh anyway i'm ending this blog right now.Bye my friends.I need to review cause it's the second part of our thrid periodical exam and Calculus will kill me tomorrow.Bye my friends see ya! ^_^

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