aka Khellendross ^^

  • I live in in Germany !
  • I was born on October 20
  • I am im Male
  • Khellendross

    I Played several PvP seasons since Season 1 i end in Vibranium.

    I solved Several Seasons in Adamantium but most in Vibranium. only One Season i end in DIAMOND ! *cry* the secound Scrapper Season... that must be... wait... Season 7 ? i think.

    I hope you enjoy the blog, i tried to update Daylie, and Excuse my horrible English. Its the First Blog i write and i really hope you like it.

    I also hope my great Hero, Mr. PotKettleBlack aka Agent Provocateur, will see this Blog and write a message beneth it =)

    So First Day of PvP. Last Season was horrible. last 2 hours i end 1800+ and i thaught, ok lets sleep its 2 A.M. its enough space from your position till the end of Adamantium... i thaught wrong... i end up 1262 Rating.. Vibranium... but no desasteā€¦

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