To put down my excitement I've put it in a blog.

I'm SOOO excited about this coming SpecOps. WHY??


1. New Weapons - always

2. New Hero - Heimdall as stated


4. Others :)

Every SpecOps I've been wanting a good weapon to make my Agent stronger. I hope SO14 will provide me one because if not I'll stick to my good Signpost.

Loki Portrait Art

Next Lockbox Hero

 About the hero, everyone wants something free so why not want? Last SO (Special Operations 13 - Infinity) I didn't got Black Bolt because I dont have 25 gold. T_T 

Anyway the MOST thing that I want it him. >>>

Yep, Loki... Should you ask why? If you do ask one of the Loki fangirls to be specific go here. You know her I know you do. 


*Source - RedRubberduckie

Since I'm talking about Lockboxes I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want him!!! another Y?


2. He's GREAT


For real, the real reasons are:

1. He's a trickster - Tricksters is very very good in combat.

2. He's Thor's brother - Asgardians have great passives

AND FINALLY!!!!! Let me say it out loud with colors

3. I'm a CHICK MAGNET!!!!

Seriously it's true, if you look at my profile here (Work currently in progress) I got ALL the FEMALE lockbox hero and not a single male. (feeling frustrated - my gender: male) IRONIC? OR *#@! AT DESTINY!!!!!

Well that's the end I currently wrote short blogs (blogs mean this and one more T_T ) so this is the end of it hope you enjoyed reading.

Feel free to write comments I don't care if your rude we have different attitudes. So Bye!!!!

Reward Box

A surprise awaits us

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