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    In this game we always see the sprites and portrait arts (via Dialogue Artworks). I know sprite making is hard but even then they must be beautiful so as the portrait arts.

    In the game some (even me) complain about HORRIBLE (yes bolded) sprites. In this problem I notice some connection between the sprite and portrait arts (intended or not it's still weird)

    For better understanding let me explain (and show) you a few examples,

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  • Kaeru22

    To put down my excitement I've put it in a blog.

    I'm SOOO excited about this coming SpecOps. WHY??

    BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE..... (List method)

    1. New Weapons - always

    2. New Hero - Heimdall as stated

    3. NEW LOCKBOX - Loki

    4. Others :)

    Every SpecOps I've been wanting a good weapon to make my Agent stronger. I hope SO14 will provide me one because if not I'll stick to my good Signpost.

     About the hero, everyone wants something free so why not want? Last SO (Special Operations 13 - Infinity) I didn't got Black Bolt because I dont have 25 gold. T_T 

    Anyway the MOST thing that I want it him. >>>

    Yep, Loki... Should you ask why? If you do ask one of the Loki fangirls to be specific go here. You know her I know you do. 

    *Source - RedRubberduckie

    Since I'm tal…

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  • Kaeru22

    Hello everyone this is my first blog so I'm kinda nervous so you might not like it but if you like it Thank you is just I will say so Happy Reading! :) In these past few weeks everyone is talking about the next Special Operations will be. I don't know what are they exicted about. Is it maybe the new hero, the awesome weapons, the long awaited Special Operations Daily Reward. Anything is possible but I doubt it that they would be exicted about the storyline because most of the people I've seen playing Marvels: Avengers Alliance usually don't read it. For me i'm exicted about all.

    About the Special Operation hero most of the Contributors here are hoping different heroes. As what I have seen in this past weeks I only 2 major hero, 1 minor hero…

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