• Justinator119

    Advice needed

    May 25, 2014 by Justinator119

    Hey guys, I'm new-ish to the game and not very competitive smart, so I'm looking for some advice on how to progess with the game in terms of spending my gold/command points. My agent is level 21 and has the free Scrapper suit on, and my main focus is on PvE, though I'd like to get into PvP more. This is my team at the moment:

    • Iron Man Armor Model 35 level 5
    • Classic Black Widow level 4
    • Classic Hawkeye level 4
    • Classic Colossus level 2
    • Tactician Phoenix Five Cyclops level 5
    • Classic Dr. Strange level 6
    • Classic Human Torch level 4
    • Classic Invisible Woman level 6

    Right now I'm wondering whether I should focus on buying alt suits for the heroes that I already have or continue buying some new heroes, and if the latter, what heroes should I consider investiā€¦

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