Recently the so-called PVP-Tournaments started. To get the cool hero, gear and uniform, you should go in top 10 000 players in the world- a hard task for not-gold spenders.

Spec Ops, on the other side, are here almost from the beginning. Many of us, who are at least lvl 60, have maybe 1 or more in their team( for me -Val and Emma( from the sale)).

Those, who know how to use them in PVP, will have the same success as in Spec Ops

So, let's start!

1. The lovely blonde Barbara Morse, a.k.a Mockingbird  

Mockingbird was available for recruit in Spec Op 1, after you 5-star all 3 missions. She was also available for 200CP on Black Friday. Recently it was revealed she is available also through Marvel XP after you beat 3 times Taskmaster in Marvel: Avengers Initiative for Android and iOS. She is a generalist.

That means you don't need anyone to protect her from the stronger class

BUT she switches classes(unlike Rogue, who takes only their class bonus).


a) Strategies: Use her with heroes, who have Deadly Crits. Her 6th ability will grant them great success

b) Counter-strategies: To avoid being destroyed by the deadly crits, use Colossus or Cap. They will get little damage.

The Steel Curtain/Shield Guard will pin Mock's attacks to Cap/Colossus

So she won't become any other class except his counter class

And she will be just like an Infiltrator(Cap) or Blaster( Colossus). And she will be vulnerable to scrappers or tactitians- there are so much of them, who are strong-Deadpool,Cyclops,Wolvey,Iron Fist,Emma,Magik, GR, Dr.Strange(alt).

That will be an easy victory.

c)Counter for the counter(let's call it CFC)-Guess it. It's another Generalist, not Rogue.

Beast's "The Jungle" can block the scrapper or the tactician's clas bonus. It is stealthy, so it will bypass Shield Guard/Steel Curtain.

Then Barbara can destroy Colossus/Cap. Without the tank, the counter-strategy fails. Mock will adjust to the scrapper/tactician and kill him too.

2. The White Queen

Emma Frost is my favorite tactician..

She was available in Spec Op 2 after you complete 25 specific tasks. Sadly, I was only level 10 and I couldnt go furder then task 3. She is available for 200CP for Christmas( 26.12.12).

Frost is the second most hard to kill hero in the game.Her passiveDiamond Body" will allow her to take maybe 20 damage from an atack, that inflicts 300. She is no longer OP and this trick works only once per round.Most Infiltrators would be useless against this passive.

a) Strategies:

Emma's Psychic Tap will triger Combat Reflexes  in the enemy INF., but because it is psychic, no counter atacks. That means Emma can stop the Inf. just with tapping and blocking his attacks.  Mental Scarring stays for just 1 round. The next-tap to apply Mental Anguish. In 1 turn an Inf. can't apply mortal damage. That means Emma is almost immune to her counter class.

b) Counter-strategies

You need an infiltrator, who can counter a psychic attack, or a 1 with a quick-action damage-applying move.There are only 3 Infiltrators, who can do this

1. Psylocke can and will counter psychic attacks. But she is not yet available.And when she is, she will be too expensive to most low levels

2.Tigra's second ability deals damage and is quick-action+it triggers all bleeds on target.

3.An Inf. Agent with S.A. Pincer

Even those strategies are barely enough to beat Emma. And currently in PVP there are too many scrappers.

c) CFC. Just bring a powerful scrapper to destroy the enemy Inf. before he can seriously hurt Emma. That is maybe 10-20 Rounds for a Inf. not from the above. And you can heal Emma before he does serious damage.

She is easy to protect. Just bring Deadpool,Sif or a SpecOp Scrapper( maybe Iron Fist too)

3. The Ruler of Limbo

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