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  • Just Deadpool!

    And that's why you can't use Magneto in 2.5

    or 4.4 epic.

    He can't be used in any mission with him as a Boss.

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  • Just Deadpool!

    Recently the so-called PVP-Tournaments started. To get the cool hero, gear and uniform, you should go in top 10 000 players in the world- a hard task for not-gold spenders.

    Spec Ops, on the other side, are here almost from the beginning. Many of us, who are at least lvl 60, have maybe 1 or more in their team( for me -Val and Emma( from the sale)).

    Those, who know how to use them in PVP, will have the same success as in Spec Ops

    So, let's start!

    ==1. The lovely blonde Barbara Morse, a.k.a Mockingbird  

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