Goooooooooooooooood afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You're actually not needed here today.

In the defendant's box, we have Playdom, who stands accused of extending PvP Season 14 by a week due to - allegedly - a major fix for a major bug - that no one has seen.

In lieu of this behavior, the court has decided on summary judgment with the lenient punishment of 5 CP per affected victim a day, plus the defendant's choice of a gift.

All jokes aside, I'm here to offer a little advice on PvP this season, both for offensive teams and defensive teams.

My personal "most effective" offensive teams by armory bonus -

1.) Super high ATK bonuses - Go straight for the kill. Morale Boost Generalist QS, Dragon's Foot/Shepherd's Staff/Cube/Angolob Agent with your choice of class - PLEASE DON'T USE SCRAPPER - (can replace Cube with WBA, or replace Dragon's Foot with Mystic), Roguelike/Salve Rogue.

You can change up Rogue or Quicksilver as well; QS can be run as an alt Scrapper with Attacker, and Rogue can use Roguelike/Morale Boost E-ISO (more effective but also more dangerous if there is a Bruiser on the enemy team; however, because almost all of QS's actions are stealthy, this should not be a major problem.

2.) Average-High ATK bonuses - Dr. Doom (Energy Reserve, Skullthumper, or Snappy Service - I don't have Snappy Service, so I can't test it on Doom; if it affects his buff actions, that's a LOT of actions. Energy Reserve is a huge boost (50%) t

o his damage if you use Trifurcator on a Blaster and is definitely worth having for his other two turns. Skullthumper is not a must-have; I use it to up the rate of his stuns on his lvl 6 Enraged action.

Agent should run Mystic/Angolob/Cube/Shepherd's Staff.

Your bonuses won't be quite high enough to flat-out kill your opponent (people love stacking defense), but you will generally last much, much longer in a war of attrition, which the AI is bad at dealing with.

1st turn, watch for Mystic Shroud. If you see it, Angolob it UNLESS several things happen.

Reasons NOT to use Angolob:

a.) Doctor Voodoo + Mystic - stops all attempts to debuff with Angolob or SynthCube; you must have a buff remover on your team like Ares or Gambit; not applicable to you because you have no buff removal worth bringing. Last until round 2 to do something.

b.) You see someone with obvious buffs going after your Agent; prime offenders: Gjallarhorn Heimdall, Neurotrope Agent, Cube Agent (when Mirror Reality is about to come up on Round 3), Hercules (Gift of Battle)

Look at the agent and his heroes' E-ISO. If they don't have anti-stun, use Doom's lvl 6 stun/enraged Servo Basher. Odds are you'll get at least 1 stun. Don't worry too much about infiltrators on the enemy team. As a rule of thumb, I use Servo Basher BEFORE I use Steal Essence; Steal Essence deals the most damage of all Doom's moves and benefits from Enraged more than Servo Basher will benefit from Full of Doom.

Use Servo Basher, look for a Blaster; if there's a blaster who is NOT Daimon Hellstrom or Doctor Voodoo, use Steal Essence. If you see Doctor Voodoo or Daimon, use Trifurcator on them and then Arc Lightning.

With your last action, slap on some DoTs with Magic Bolts; this does low up-front damage but has massive hidden damage through DoTs. You will love this. Trust me. It's the secret to beating people with better bonuses; you turtle and let them bleed out, healing with Doom's Steal Essence and your Agent's support gear.

From here it's a straight-up battle. Just fight through and sustain yourself, and you shouldn't have too many issues.

Of note: I do NOT recommend using Shepherd's Staff until turn 3. Always use Shepherd's Staff and Mirror Reality together if at all possible. It will basically guarantee you one round of survival, enough for Doom to benefit from the extra extra turn.

That's all for now -

In the meantime, farm deploys for Plasma Tubes and Incursions for Solar Shields. The easiest map which I have found for this appears to be S2.2.6, the premium. Load up your armory!

I'll update this post with defensive teams that I've had trouble with.

I am currently lvl 199 and in mid-Vibranium.

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