• Judgemeister

    Goooooooooooooooood afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You're actually not needed here today.

    In the defendant's box, we have Playdom, who stands accused of extending PvP Season 14 by a week due to - allegedly - a major fix for a major bug - that no one has seen.

    In lieu of this behavior, the court has decided on summary judgment with the lenient punishment of 5 CP per affected victim a day, plus the defendant's choice of a gift.

    All jokes aside, I'm here to offer a little advice on PvP this season, both for offensive teams and defensive teams.

    My personal "most effective" offensive teams by armory bonus -

    1.) Super high ATK bonuses - Go straight for the kill. Morale Boost Generalist QS, Dragon's Foot/Shepherd's Staff/Cube/Angolob Agent…

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