DAY 1!!!!!111!!!!one

Be procrastinating at grandparent's bakery and see that SO is starting. Shrugs and starts SO. Get super excited when I find out that I already have 2/3 heroes needed for the epic boss. Blow through first five tasks. Meet mixed results in PvP. Start research. Relax and then realize that my four year old cousin had too much sugar. Chase little cousin around bakery. Get back home and blow through some more SO tasks. Start research. Sleep.

DAY 2!!!!!11!!!!1ONE!

Wake up. Still 20 hours left in research. Spend all day being lazy and eating BBQ. Come back home late at night and blow through more tasks.  Start research.

DAY 3!!!!!!!1!!!!111

Farm for a little bit. Get bored. Fall asleep

DAY 4!!!!!!!!!1111!

Sleep all day.


DAY 5!!!!!!11!!!!

Play in the last few hours of PvP. End in Gold. Get depressed over results and try to start SO. "Your account is temporarily unavailable due to a site problem" Rage. Take a nap. Get a scolding from mom for seemingly no reason. Finish up Research and get Union Jack.  Spend gold for extra Uiso's because I want to get Spec ops done. Get Rescue. Fall asleep.

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