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  • Jokermagnum55

    Hello fellow wiki editors!

    I recently came across a tier list for MAA recently, and I thought it was.... Bias.

    So I decided to make a blog for the community to decide the tier list with a Poll.

    The tiers starts, from lowest to highest, with "What is this I don't even" tier to God Tier, and the final tier list for this blog will be made about a week after it's original posting.

    I'll make a new one every time a big update happens (ie. A new character is released, a patch update, a new alt is out etc.)

    So without further ado, here is the polls!

    If you're looking for a specific character to vote for, please check the side-bar.

    If you have any suggestions, notice an problems, anyone/anything missingor just wanna chit-chat, let me know in the comments …

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  • Jokermagnum55

    Be procrastinating at grandparent's bakery and see that SO is starting. Shrugs and starts SO. Get super excited when I find out that I already have 2/3 heroes needed for the epic boss. Blow through first five tasks. Meet mixed results in PvP. Start research. Relax and then realize that my four year old cousin had too much sugar. Chase little cousin around bakery. Get back home and blow through some more SO tasks. Start research. Sleep.

    Wake up. Still 20 hours left in research. Spend all day being lazy and eating BBQ. Come back home late at night and blow through more tasks.  Start research.

    Farm for a little bit. Get bored. Fall asleep

    Sleep all day.


    Play in the last few hours of PvP. End in Gold. Get depressed over results and try to st…

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  • Jokermagnum55

    Spec ops 8 ideas

    February 28, 2013 by Jokermagnum55

    I belive that the spec ops after the next one will involve the vision and the original costume alternate uniforms announced along with him at comic-con. Why's that? Because Kang the Conquerer will travel back in time to try to try to eliminate the Avengers in the earlier days when they were just starting to form the team, so The Agent is sent by Shield to stop him, and The Vision will help you out (of course, this is all speculation... but it's likely). Thoughts/comments?

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