Have you ever come across any abbreviation, you just couldn't understand the meaning of? I surely have. It's timconsuming and hard to read otherwise usefull comments when you have to wonder who IW is. This is hopefully going to be a guide to understand the jungle of all the abbreviations used round the pages.

Feel free to bring up new abbreviations you think I should include in this guide. More abbreviations will follow, when I come across them.


  • HP - Hit Points
  • SP - Stamina Points
  • Att - Attack
  • Def - Defence
  • Acc - Accuracy
  • Eva - Evasion



Other abbreviations

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence (everything computer controlled)
  • C#M# - Chapter # mission #. (Refering to a specific mission, e.g. C7M3)
  • CP - Command Point (See also Potkettleblack's blog about CP farming!)
  • Imba - Imbalanced (See the skills of Deadpool)
  • MAA or M:AA - Marvel Avengers Alliance
  • OP - Original Poster/Overpowered (situational dependant)
  • PD - Playdom
  • PKB - Potkettleblack
  • PvE - Player versus Environment
  • PvP - Player versus Player
  • RG - Razorgirl
  • SP - S.H.I.E.L.D. Point
  • TOS - Terms of Service
  • UP - Underpowered

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