I was creeping up on level 200 as the season began. Since the announced changes to PvP I am less worried about levelling my Agent. I am seeing more and more opponents with bonuses that are as high as mine or higher, as they have a full roster of heroes, or have them levelled higher.

I am using the exact same set-up as last seasonHavok got nerfed, so I'm no longer tempted to use him, and not having to worry about him means that having two Bruisers is less of an issue. I'm doing fine on offense, and still great on defense, well above 40%, so I don't want to fix what isn't broken. I wish that I knew why my defense numbers were so good, but I suspect that it has to do with people running Scrapper Quicksilver and then coming up against two Bruisers.

If I were to tweak anything, it would be to take Mystic out of my defense team since it also got nerfed, and put the Scroll of Angolob back in to further encourage the defensive AI's Synthetic Cube progression. But it may be that the Mystic is still doing a good enough job of keeping debuffs off that it's contributing to my success.

I've also considered bringing back Iron Patriot in place of War. But the number one hero on defense right now is Quicksilver, so I've stuck with War. If things change and I start losing more often but Quicksilver is still everywhere, I may go with JuggernautThor, or Ares. I haven't seen much of them this tournament, but there's nothing that I'm seeing that makes me think that they'd be any worse than in previous tournaments.

I thought that a Warriors Three team would be really impressive when the Agent was using the Asgardian Tankard, and worked to grind out everything that I needed in order to get it, but after facing a couple of W3 defending teams, I wasn't impressed enough to want to try it out. And with everyone using Quicksilver, Fandral's Infiltrator class is an issue. 

It looks like the Tactician's Empowered Armor is very powerful because extra turns are so valuable. Put a Snappy Service E-ISO on that armor and the Agent can get an absurd amount done. That means getting into at least Vibranium is important. Luckily, I'm well into Adamantium at the time of writing through only doing my five battles per day, so I should be in a good position to also get Rocket Raccoon


I find it worth noting that PKB is, as of now, using my old team on offense. This suggests that it might make sense to move back to it. I am still seeing a lot of Pestilence though, and I'm just not sure how well they'll do when they're badly debuffed, and they don't really put out many debuffs themselves. I'm almost never losing on offense, so there's also a not fixing what isn't broken argument to be made.

With eleven days remaining, I am waking up to high Vibranium and getting back to low Adamantium with just my five fights. 

I've only just gotten my seventh Taskmaster cover, after filling the entirety of that duplicates bar. With a guarantee of 55 covers from fights alone, the worst case scenario is needing to buy 15 of them if they don't release another week-long task and I get none on the spins. I wound up getting the Mimic in a lockbox, and considered briefly using to replace the Kuzuri. It's an interesting idea, and it may be worth playing around with if I do get rid of War (and therefor lose the synergy around Bleeding).

Update 2

I've filled the last duplicates bar for Taskmaster, and swapped out X-23s store-bought A-ISO for her Killer Instinct one. It doesn't really match how I play her, but it's great for when I do want a single-target attack, and I'm sure that it's helping the AI on defense quite a bit. I'm now doing really really well on defense, winning something like a third of my fights.

However, I'm seeing so much volume that I'm now waking up in mid-Vibranium. This suggests alarming things about the last day.


I was right to be alarmed. I was getting two to three defenses for every offense I was getting in on the last day. When the servers went down in the last hour, I was at around 1450, and to be honest I don't know that another hour would've gotten me back to Adamantium. According to Playdom, I'll be getting Rocket Raccoon anyway, since everyone who got Vibranium is getting him.

The lesson here is to give myself more of a buffer going into the last day when possible, and to keep in mind that one doesn't just need wins, one needs fast wins. 

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