This is the season of Pestilence, which actually forced me to change up my teams. Iron Patriot was not getting the job done by himself anymore once debuffs cannot be removed, and Emma's not aggressive enough to pick up the slack.

As before, I am using the same heroes on offense and defense. The advantage, of course, is that I only have to spend resources on two heroes (instead of four) in terms of ISO, E-ISO, and (now suddenly) A-ISO. I went with Famine and War. War takes over for Iron Patriot in doing AoE damage. She's nowhere near as reliable, because it takes lucking out and getting Trigger Scent and Berserker Rage going for the real damage, instead of just clicking on Overcharge, but she's really capable of making quite a mess even when she's debuffed if the opposing team can't take off the scent or the bleeds. Famine Rogue does the single-target damage, and my Agent is in Bruiser's Empowered Armor with a reforged Kuzuri to tank, while feeding off of War's bleeds and adding his own. The Big and Fast E-ISO on his suit means that he picks up extra turns (sometimes more than one in a single round), which makes getting through the Cube progression easy, and somewhat counters any stuns that he gets.

In addition to the Kuzuri, I bought Neurotrope as soon as it became available again. I'm still using the Synthetic Cube and the Scroll of Angolob on offense, to try to keep control of the flow of the battle, while on defense I've swapped the Scroll for Mystic to make the attacker burn his or her scroll in round one.

Famine has the Morale Boost E-ISO in order to further ameliorate the effect of debuffs and push any Neurotrope buffs further. War is wearing the Street Fighting E-ISO to push her damage up. I followed Potkettleblack for ISOing both of them. I was nervous about relying on Evasion for War's defensive stat, but it seems to me that she is not all that fragile built that way.

With the release of A-ISO, I put the Powerful Attack A-ISO on Famine's L2 (Absorb Power). I'm currently training her to level 14, and plan to put a Pugilist one on her L1, as one often winds up following up her L1 (which puts on Combo Setup) with another one, either because of the lack of anything better to do as cooldowns expire, or because she has Scrapper or Tactician powers on her. Her L6 will probably get another Powerful, whereas her L9 might get the accuracy one -- I haven't decided yet. In the end, since her L1 already exploits combos (oops), I put the Pulverize A-ISO on her L1, with the same logic. Her L6 got the Accuracy one, on the assumption that if I am using it, I might be debuffed and really want it to connect. Her L9 also got Pulverize, since it's her opener.

War really benefits from the release of A-ISO. Putting the Pulverize one on her L2 just sets her (and Famine) up for really destructive attacks afterwards. After a lucky sequence of events (involving Neurotrope giving her Strengenthened, and gaining Morale Boost, War Frenzy, Trigger Scent and Berskerer Rage), I watched her OHKO a Dr. Doom team on her first turn. When she finishes training (after Famine), I may put another Pulverizing on her L1 (which I only use against a single opponent whom I need to make bleed). Since her L6 already has high crits, it'll get a damaging one, whereas her L9 only needs to hit, so it gets a (probably superfluous) accuracy one.

This setup on offense just rolls over almost every team I encounter. I get my five fights done in ten minutes. On defense it's giving me something like 40% wins, which is the highest I've ever seen this late into a tournament. I expect this to go down as other players adjust to the introduction of A-ISO, but it's nice to be this comfortable this late. On the other hand, I'm seeing a lot more defensive volume than I am used to at this point, so I'm not quite staying in Adamantium just through the five fights alone.


I did wind up taking quite a pounding on defense at the end, but managed to stay in Ada (just barely) by spending a lot of the afternoon on offense. I did have some trouble with Havok, who had a tendency to OHKO my Agent when turn order went against me or his Uncanny Coordination proc'ed. If people haven't switched to the new Generalist's Empowered Armor, I'm considering putting him on my defense team. I'm also considering rotating Iron Patriot back in to offense (but as a Blaster), in place of War as well. His damage is more consistant, and I'm interested in seeing what the Tech Upgrade A-ISO does for him.

Oddly enough, winning Hogun puts me at something of a disadvantage in completing Life of the Party, because I've got a low-level Hogun for the team-up in the Warriors Three Heroic Battle. I'm currently training up him, Fandral, and Sif by farming for Emma's new E-ISO, while slowing replacing the CPs I've spent. I'll need to buy Volstagg to complete the Asgardian Tankard tasks, and Captain America's movie uniforms will be out soon. I'm hoping that I won't wind up needing any heroes for the Epic Boss in the next SO

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