This is the PvP tournament that never ends. 

Honestly, this season was boring for me. I didn't update my team from the last season in any way. Neither Doom nor buggy exploitable Deadpool presented any real challenge for me. Domino and Nico are Blasters, so they didn't pose any problem either. 

So I've been putting in my five fights per day (and enjoying the CP awards). Thanks to the new Plasma Tube and Solar Shield drops I am now at a 82K/83K armory bonus on offense and a 103/98 on defense. I rarely run into an opposing team that badly outclasses me there. I'm winning almost every fight on offense, and maintaining over a 20% defense. On the day that they extended the tournament I was in the top 0.2%. I definitely appreciate the fact that PvP isn't a frustrating slog, but I'm ready for this tournament to be over.

I can't say that I am that interested in Agent Venom, but the Bruiser's Empowered Armor looks really useful; Empowered Armor that neither gives away Enraged nor is vulnerable to Quicksilver is really appealing, and being vulnerable to Blasters isn't bothersome when I have two Tacticians on my team. I expect it to become my default outift for PvP once I acquire it.


Finished in Ada at both cut-off points. Overall, this was an incredibly lucrative tournament. Not only did I get all of the rewards, but the 5 CPs per day added up to 225 CPs, on top of having done quite well on the PvP items from the roulettes. That said, this is the first time running the single account in which PvP felt like a slog. I rarely lost an offensive fight, but some of them dragged on for a while thanks to the Synthetic Cube, and the fact that it wound up lasting forty-five days has left me ready for a long break.

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