Please read this blog before you ask questions on my message wall.
Can ask questions about Marvel: Avengers Alliance Mobile but only in iOS version.


Are you employed by Playdom?

No I'm not.

Hey, can you buff/nerf heroes or gear, improve the game, fix issues, and so on?

Nick Fury Dialogue This Wiki is a community-based project.

None of us are employed by Playdom.

How do I get this gear?

Please find your answer in this Wiki by using the search box.

How to farm more Command Points?

Look on the Command Point page.

How to farm more Gold?

Look on the Gold page.

I found a bug in the game, help!

I am not working for Playdom. If you want to see the Known Issues in the game, click here. If you have a bug that isn't listed on our page, just edit it.

Is X better team-up with Y?


Please help me!

Please provide information.

What "Recruit (Hero) for free" mean in Premium Mission?

You get the hero for free if you click "Unlock Now" in Premium Mission, that costs Command Points.

Wiki: How do I know if the thread in the forum is dead?

Just look on the latest comment, if it is 30 or more days ago, the thread is considered dead. If you reply on it, it is what you called "Necroing thread." If you reply the only one post in the thread, it's fine.

Who is (Insert your hero here)?

Google is your friend. Go search it.

Why you deleted my image?

Because of limited space, we ask that you do not upload files to the Wiki that are not game related. One exception would be for one (1) image for your wall. Any other images should be used to support a page.

Notably, please do not upload a game screenshot just to prove your point.

You can use any image that has already been uploaded for your wall.

You can also use a tutorial about use images stored off site to learn how to include them.

For hero collections, game achievements templates can be used. A tutorial has been prepared to show you how to do these as well.

We ask whenever possible that you refrain from unnecessary uploading of files.

Thank you.

But my screenshots are related to the game.

Screenshots are unnecessary to the wiki pages and should not be uploaded here.

Why you edited/removed my bad/cuss languages?

Bad languages are restricted in Wikia.

Why you kicked me from the chat?

Because you did not follow our chat rules.

X or Y?


X or Y!

Wow. New hero? X or Y? Oh yeah.

I can help you with

  • Adding your icon in chat
  • Request for blocking
  • Request to remove bad language/harassment/vandalism on page, thread or comment
  • Remove your comment
    • You should add {{delete}} tag on your comment so that admins will delete it later.
  • Wikia coding and formatting
  • Wikia management

I can't help you with

  • Hero decisions
    • If it's for nothing, you can choose whoever you want. Why not just get all of them?
    • If you choose between Spec Op hero and recruitable hero, then choose Spec Op hero first, because they're limited. PVP heroes aren't limited.
  • PVP Strategy
    • I'm considerably between worst and best PVP players in the game and non-"Gold" player. Here are some advices on how to get better in PVP:
      • Recruit and level up all heroes to the maximum level, then followed by lower level, and so on, they increases stats to your team in PVP.
      • Socket Gear and Supplies with higher PVP Bonus usually from Premium Missions. You may buy higher PVP Resources cost 2 gold if you're "gold" player.
      • Increase and maintain your rating especially on the last day in PVP Tournament.
      • Finally, you should better check cool blogs like PKB's blogs.

Do not ask

  • Adding allies
    • You better check the Find Allies page. There's many people who want to add.
  • Cheats and hacks or something illegal for MAA.
  • Future or leaked content.


What is that thing in the avatar?
Doge. Shiba Inu.

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