Hi, Guys! I just made a 31 day Chapter 4 Mission 4 - Unexpected Guest CP report to share to everyone. Per run, I always have 7 fights, why? Because I ignore mini-boss, so that the boss is Two Birds. In table, if CP is 0 means dropped a stupid item (even epic drop). I didn't listed the non-CP boss drops. I included Special Operation 4 - Mission 2 in this table, because the number of threats are the same. Dropped CPs in other missions are not present.

Enjoy! (I'm too lazy to make a table) I used Microsoft Excel 2010.


Within that period, I had 2-3 Magnetic Field Generators, recruited heroes Hercules, Human Torch, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, Beast, Captain America with World War II Bruiser, and Mockingbird.

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