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  • Jeripengu

    Game Setup Fail

    February 18, 2016 by Jeripengu

    Here's the list.
    Players pls.:

    • Invisible Woman with Circulating Empowered Iso-8 and Horseman of Pestilence

    • Baron Mordo with Desperation/Measured EISO.
    • Captain Steve Rogers with Quick Empowered Iso-8
    • Colossus with Styptic Empowered Iso-8 and Strong Will E-Iso-8.
    • Daredevil Man Without Fear with Typhlotic Empowered Iso-8.
    • Enchantress with Mystical E-Iso-8.
    • Molly with Relentless Empowered Iso-8.
    • Kuurth with Relentless Empowered Iso-8
    • Peast with Quick Empowered Iso-8
    • Rocket Raccoon with Sympathy EISO.
    • Spitfire with Complex Maneuver Empowered Iso-8
    • Wolverine with Blood Magic E-Iso-8.
    • Wonder Man with Radiation Resistant EISO.
    • Non-Gun Heroes with Sandy EISO.

    • Horseman of Pestilence with Ailing A-Iso-8.

    You can share by comment.

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  • Jeripengu

    PVP Tournament: Season 14 has ended. Vote what league did you finished.

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  • Jeripengu

    Last updated:
    July 3, 2014

    If you saw the effect that is being removed or not removed but actually there's a bug, please do not comment.

    Here are the list of known buffs, debuffs, and passives that cannot be removed by effects that remove them. It helps for your strategy in combat. Playdom might change the effects every time.

    Effect Borders indicate that those effects cannot be removed.

    • Gold Borders - Cannot be removed or prevented by any effects except effects that consume them, condition, or by duration
    • Blue Borders - Cannot be removed by buff removal or buff blocking effects, but can be removed by other ways. It can be removed by effects that consume them, condition, or by duration.

    Class Effects (can be removed by )

    (removed in Nico Minoru'…

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  • Jeripengu

    Trickster Temp.

    November 28, 2013 by Jeripengu

    Buff/s Removes and replace with or adds
    Most avoidance effects

    Most counter effects

    Most protect effects

    Most shield effects

    Prevents the buff while Trickster is active.

    Class/es Removes and replace with or adds
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  • Jeripengu

    Message Wall Guide

    July 2, 2013 by Jeripengu

    Please read this blog before you ask questions on my message wall.
    Can ask questions about Marvel: Avengers Alliance Mobile but only in iOS version.

    No I'm not.

    Please find your answer in this Wiki by using the search box.

    Look on the Command Point page.

    Look on the Gold page.

    I am not working for Playdom. If you want to see the Known Issues in the game, click here. If you have a bug that isn't listed on our page, just edit it.


    Please provide information.

    You get the hero for free if you click "Unlock Now" in Premium Mission, that costs Command Points.

    Just look on the latest comment, if it is 30 or more days ago, the thread is considered dead. If you reply on it, it is what you called "Necroing thread." If you reply the only one post in…

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