is there a pvp suggestion thread? if not this should be the one! now when i say suggestion its not a rant thread!!!!! JUST HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS TO PD TO HELP DEVELOP THE NEXT PVP! We all know the last one was frustrating garbage hopefully these suggestions will help make the next one and the ones after.
Here to start it off heres a good one:
1. We pick our own opp! There are good systems already made were you can pick your opp. The lvl difference system is already set so why not let us pick our own opp like we can in practice. If you pick on the weak you wont get a lot of points n vice versa.
2. I would be so....soooooo.....sssssooooooooo happy to get to play against real players instead of NPC'S. Im not saying get rid of NPC's(even though they are sooooooo stupid, my npc's never win they always lose) but why cant we have the choice to play against real players a NPC's. One of the worst fights i got into back in the day was when i used FT(Flaming Torch) and the last to heroes left was 2 FT 1v1 this doesnt sound that bad but FT can live forever if its facing a opp that uses fire, I once played for 30 minutes we both almost knocking eachother out until we ran out of stamina having to recharge meaning health regain so it turns into a infinite loop and im not a CPU my brain says dont try to play this crap out just take the L great i took a L because i cant outlast a CPU!
3. Rating system needs to be revamped there are a lot and i mean A LOT of players that lose to many points for 1 lose or even better example i play for 3 hours before i go to work increasing 50 points I work until lunch lets just say 5 hours and i lost 100-500 points. I have heard of some agents taking a hit that knocked them out of the top all the to the bottom if i was them i would be (lest just say that instead of mean bad words)
4. Some characters are being exploited beyond believe like Phoenix, Cyclops( i hate him so much and i have to see him almost every match) thats just to name a couple. They need to be revamped just for PVP not saying for PVE just PVP. WE NEED TO BE FORCED TO TRY OUT NEW HEROE COMBINATIONS!
5. A report system that will ask for feedback after a certain amount of matches so we can give feedback(hopefully not ranting) so PD can fix the problems faster and not after the end of the PVP when its to late
6. I dont mind playing 5 matches to get a PVP spin(which usually sucks....just saying my luck must be terrible on those spins) but i would also like to play another PVP spin, maybe after 10 or 20 matches, it will keep me playing not just for the rating but to actually play. In a PVE stage its about 4-7 battles till i get to take a chance at the spin so why not do the same for PVP. I understand the focus is the RANK but why not have the RANK and a couple PVP spins. ILL PLAY MORE FOR THE SPIN NOT THE RANK!
7. I would like to see the PD play a match just ONCE A DAY! Meaning you do a match between PD players then advertise it out to the players that way i know you are playing the game and not just making it and saying hope(dont care) you like it
8. This last one is just something i would like to see but its not important. I dont mind the heroes that have been coming out but most have been ummmmmm ewwwwww......cant say good cant say bad but one thing i can say is that the amount of stress i put myself through for them is not worth it so why not have them some super bad ass.

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