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    What is SYNERGY? "Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects." Actually, is much like shipping. If the characters have synergy, your OTP soon or later will become canon. Synergy is something you need in your team to use the full potential of your heroes. Now, let's roll. This is a work in progress, your opinion is important so fell free to comment. (REMEMBER: When I made these lists, I think about who will support the title's hero. You wouldn't see Cap. America on Wanda's review because she don't need him, but he needs her to stay dodging and healing.)

    Cable is a full damage character, with good status and a beautiful damage output. If yo…

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  • Jedu123

    My PvP and PvE Journal

    November 22, 2012 by Jedu123

    I will keep this journal of my PvP and PvE plays until the end of PvP Season 2. I'll try to keep track of my CP farming, Daily Bonus Roulette and PvP fights. I'll use the tips I wrote here, so I'll put the theory on practice. If you see something you don't agree, just leave a comment and we can talk about it, your feedback is important, so don't be shy.

    LEVEL 71
    UNIFORM Tactician Commander Trench
    GEAR 1 Curative Reach
    GEAR 2 S.A. "Pincer"
    GEAR 3 Golden Tonfa
    GEAR 4 Sinister Scepter
    BLASTER Ms. Marvel
    BRUISER Human Torch Annihilus
    SCRAPPER Ghost Rider
    TACTICIAN Cyclops
    GENERALIST -----------
    TEAM Ms. Marvel and Ghost Rider

    Iron Man Default 8 Damage Dealer
    Ms. Marvel Original Ms. Marvel (Blaster) 10 Tank
    Dr. Strange Default 2 Suppo…

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  • Jedu123

    As a mid level PvP player, I had some problems determining the best use my Command Points and what strategy to use. I'm making this post as a guide with some tips for beginners about strategy, teams and command point use. Your feedback is welcome.

    I've made some tiers for the Agents. Low level Agents are Agents with 3 or fewer gear slots and 2 armory pages. Something between level 25 and 45. A mid level Agent, like me, has 3 or 4 gear slots and 3 armory pages. A high level Agent is what most of us M:AA players want to be. Four gear slots, 4 or 5 armory pages, all the cool tools... But let's not talk about how weak we are and talk about how we'll get stronger and fight among the best.

    I like to break heroes into three types:

    • Damage dealers: He…

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