Casual Gamer:
Actually everyone who plays M:AA and doesn't fit into any category below.

  • "A casual gamer is someone who schedules the game around their life, while a hardcore gamer schedules their life around the game."
  • The normal gameplay progress ensure that game contents remains challenging and doesn't get boring.


  • Hard or even impossible to compete in PVP against not-casual gamers.

Hardcore Gamer:
"Hardcore gaming" is an activity that involves learning every possible maneuver/ability/stage in a game not only to win, but to win efficiently, making the fewest mistakes and taking the least amount of time to win. Winning may be collecting items, downing opponents, completing missions etcetera. Winning can be any combination of these goals and may vary depending on the game.
Spending countless hours playing a game may be a result of hardcore gaming, but is not a requirement. Simply playing a game without striving to improve or master the game is not hardcore gaming, that would be casual gaming. The hardcore gamers plays the game as a primary hobby and they tend to care less about graphics than casual gamers. They put good gameplay above all else, and don't mind if a good game has poor (or even nonexistent) graphics, sound, characters and plot; as long as the game is fun and challenging, they will continue playing it.

  • You turns into a personal Avengers Alliance Wiki.


  • Time consuming.
  • Requires lot of patience.
  • Can be exhausting due the countless grinding, studying, calculating, and testing.

'Speed-Leveling'-Player (Actually more like a method than category):
'Speed-Leveling' (not equal to 'grinding') is the act of leveling when you repetitively let your agent die in a specified battle in order to gain more experience points in shorter period of time than if you would play through and finish the battle in a normal way.

  • Useful if you are just a few level away of the maximum level before you would start a special operation to gain level based gears.


  • Energy consuming.
  • Outgrowing the current gears.
  • Missing out of rewards that could be obtained in normal way.

A player of a micropayment based game that gets everything that is purchasable by paying for them instead of earning them through playing the game in order to be stronger than other players at the same level and achieve the rewards quicker.

  • You can compensate with your money the time you didn't spend with playing and being competitive in PVP.


  • Real currency consuming.
  • You cannot buy experience points for your agent.

Sandbagging is the act of slowly leveling and/or decreasing the incoming experience points as much as possible (example finishing successfully a battle with letting your agent die on purpose) while otherwise increasing stats and currency in order to be stronger than other players at your same level; who have not sandbagged. Particularly useful for casual players in pvp focused games that pair players based on level.

  • Useful to achieve rewards in PVP due the game pair players based on level.


  • Outgrowing the current gears.
  • Maintaining the account's efficiency in PVP can be expensive (ingame and/or real currency consuming).

A player that asks continuously his/her friends to help achieve rewards ingame with actual playing due not being able to do it for some reason. Usually casual and hardcore gamers refuse to help with playing, they are more intented to rather guide the assisted-player.

  • Basically you don't have to do anything.


  • Lack of gameplay experience.
  • Risk to lose the account itself.

Cheating is exploiting unintentional glitches and/or using methods that are illegitmate (example: third-party applications). Usually they make it obvious to others as they are not aware of what the gameplay actually entails.

  • You can be success in the game's any aspect, since you are actually playing dumbed-down M:AA.


  • Lack of gameplay experience.
  • Risk to lose the account itself.

Special: (I couldn't figure how to call them, but they do exist)
Actually this category would stand for those players that fall into more than one category.
Example a wallet-warrior who is sandbagging, cheating and asking others to play with his/her account during a pvp season to be competitive for others ingame.
Advantages & Disadvantages depends on which styles has been mixed.

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