Hey guys! I have done this game for a while (had Sif + Black Cat team, didnt seem to work out very well... and I also had Human Torch + Scarlet Witch, which was great but I got bored)... And now I need a new team! (or one of these two, if they are still good/interesting)... I have some choices on here, though way too many, and some ideas for team so tell me what you think!!

p.s. I can get any costumes needed

Blasters: Human Torch, Phoenix, Storm, Cable

Infiltrators: Invisible Woman, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Elektra

Tacticians: Cyclops, Black Panther

Scrappers: Wolverine, Quicksilver

Bruisers: X-23, Captain Britain

Team Ideas -

Phoenix + Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat costume)/Storm (good protectors for mind link)

Wolverine + Captain Britain (tough)

X-23, Wolverine, Black Panther (bleeding)

Phoenix + Wolverine/X-23 (team never-die)

Quicksilver + Nightcrawler (stealthy, attack anyone)

Quicksilver + Gambit (a ton of moves)

Cyclops + Quicksilver (a ton of moves)

Phoenix + Quicksilver/Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler + Britain (lots of debuffs)

Wolverine + Nightcrawler (lots of debuffs)

White Crown Phoenix + FF Invisible Woman (shields and doesnt die easily)

Cyclops + Kitty Pryde (phased + agile)

Elektra + Nightcrawler/Quicksilver (stealthy) /X-23/Wolverine (bleeding)

Thanks for the help!! Btw, maybe if you could remove some of my ideas/choices? That would help too, cuz I have way too many ideas haha.

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