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  • Jacobkoopa

    IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Oh, man, they have teased and trolled us for months with changing release dates and sneak peeks, but now, at long last, Season 2 has been released! We now have Agent Coulson in the M:AA Universe, and man does he look awesome, and to start things off, we get to follow after the Hellfire Club as they do a little treasure hunting for the wrong cause. Can anybody say road trip? I can, because we get to go to merry ole England this time, bringing the members of Excalibur for team-ups and more! If that wasnt enough, they completely revamped the Chapter Mastery System and added two new battle scenarios to the mix: Heroic and Incursion Battles . This is by far going to be one of the funnest runs I have done yet!

    Now that I…

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  • Jacobkoopa

    Hello and welcome to a new Video Log! This time, I will be logging my exploits into the new Spec Ops, Sins of the Fathers, in an attempt to recruit the Hellstrom Siblings, Daimon and Satana! These videos are going to be longer than the PVP videos, however, so far, they have been logging between 15 and 20 minutes each, so if you don't like super long vids or just want the information fast, check out the Spec Ops Main Page, Dialogues, and Tasks, and if you want to check out more of my vids, swing by my YouTube Channel, TheMadMayor! Now, without further ado, I bring to you, the Spec Ops 11 Video Log!

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  • Jacobkoopa

    PVP 9 Video Log

    June 29, 2013 by Jacobkoopa

    Hello and welcome to the start of something new! With me having a lot of time on my hands, I have found it a good idea to experiment around with recording ad video editing in a small-fry attempt to do Video Logging, or Vlogging for short, so here is my run from midway into PVP 9. Care to see more? Check out my YouTube Channel, TheMadMayor!




    -Week 2=-7/9/13=

    The videos for this day were lost in a mass outbreak of goombas taking over my computer and making porn
    Too far-fetched? Fine, I forgot to record them, bite me! 5 wins, 1 loss







    -Week 1=-7/3/13=

    Job-searching and my bro's 18th birthday took priority over the day
    PVP was utterly missed





    Vids lost due to …

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  • Jacobkoopa

    OK, I'm trying to figure out this tabbed business, and I just need a little Mess Around Playground for that. Wish me luck, folks!

    • 2x Restoration Pack I
    • 2x Restoration Pack I(2)                  
    • 2x Restoration Pack I(3)
    • 2x Restoration Pack I(4)
    • 2x Restoration Pack I(5)

    -Team Stamina Boost Pack=

    • 2x Team Stamina Boost Pack I
    • 2x Team Stamina Boost Pack I(2)
    • 2x Team Stamina Boost Pack I(3)


    • 1x Shawarma
    • 1x Shawarma(2)
    • 2x Shawarma
    • 2x Shawarma(2)
    • 2x Shawarma(3)


    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(2)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(3)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(4)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(5)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(6)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(7)
    • 1x Lost Page of the Vishanti(8)

    -2x Lost Page of the Vishanti=

    • 2x Lost Page of the…

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  • Jacobkoopa

    ((OK, so I am going to try and reimagine the Free Stuff Page a bit, so this here is my little Mess Around Playground to fiddle. Let's see what magic I can make!))

    Each day, Playdom release links to collect unique content or free bonus items via the MAA Facebook Fan Page or other mediums. This is a collection of some of those links.

    Open each link in a "new tab". Once the page has loaded, you can close the tab and the item will now be in your game when you return to it.


    After you've clicked on these links a force refresh popup will appear, so if you're in the middle of a fight when you click on these links, you will lose your Energy/UISOs that you used to load the fight, as well as any …

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