Boy did I fall off the radar here...Not to fret over it too much, long story short: I focused too much on the streaming that I lost track of posting things here, and now, well, you can see the gap. Anyway, let's keep the ball rolling and just jump straight into Chapter 7!

So, we are following events similar to Fear Itself, wwe have hammers hitting like the cosmic meteors they are and we already lost She-Hulk to one of them, becoming Skirn, The Breaker of Men. Sin has also fallen prey to an Uru Hammer and turned into Skadi, Herald of The Serpent. Well, as they say, sh*t just rolls downhill, and those of you who know how this Worthy stuff works, there are five more, with a new one now revealed as Luke Cage becomes Nul, Breaker of Worlds. Check me out on my YouTube Channel, TheMadMayor as I take on this new madness!

Chapter 7 - Crest of the Wave
OverviewTasks - Dialogues

M AA Chapter 7 Introduction26:22

M AA Chapter 7 Introduction


M AA Chapter 7 Mission 1 Black Queen, Black Knight?46:41

M AA Chapter 7 Mission 1 Black Queen, Black Knight?


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