TASKS HAVE ENDED A LONG WHILE AGO! And sadly, I still need to catch up to this. Feel free to draw your own conclusions while I get these final results together ~JacobKoopa - Feb 17, '14





OK, so I'm a couple days behind on this, but better late than never, right? About a couple days back, a new lockbox was added to the system, with a very unexpected hero to be nabbed:
Doctor Doom

Yep, the mastermind behind the Syndicate plot of the first season is Playdom's Holiday Gift for all, and for the first time, a Lockbox made available outside of PVP and a Spec Op. The rules for obtaining this Lockbox are fairly simple, actually, as you can only obtain them in (as of Dec 20th) three forms:

A) Winning them in the Daily Spin, in multiples of 2, 5, and 10.
B) Completing the Daily Task given every day at 5:00am CST(GMT-6).
C) As of Dec 20th, Doomboxes are available for purchase in the shop for 1 gold
D) As of the beginning of the most recent PVP, you have a chance of obtaining 2 or 10 of a random lockbox, including Doomboxes.

Pretty easy, right? As of day two, I collected 25 of these lockboxes from the tasks and the daily spin alone, and I have heard of others having upwards to 15. The tasks themselves so far are pretty easy to do too. Day one was just taking out 3 Servo Guards. Day two, collecting a Distress Call. I honestly don't know why you would skip these using gold, bu there are two catches to these lockboxes, hell, Doom himself makes it three:

A) You currently cannot buy these Lockboxes in the store, a first for any lockbox.
B) You cannot open the Lockboxes until Christmas, another first.
C) Doom originally wouldn't let you peek at your gift, but as of Dec 20th, has finally opened up a little to what he can do, and just who exactly he will work with.

So, why the blog? Well, I'm curious of everyone's progress and, once the big day comes, how many everyone will have and who will get Doom on Christmas. Now, this test is a lot easier than the Mythbusting test we concluded a week or so back, as all I will need is how many everyone collects and if you obtain Doom or not on December 25th. Easy, right? Another reason this will be easy is that it is free to join and leave at will. There are no teams to try and keep data even, though I would like at least ten people to join the bandwagon. So how about it? Feel like trying it out?

Updating will now be handled....BY EVERYONE! Check out this handy video out on how! (Best viewed in Fullscreen)

How to Update Using Google Drive-006:46

How to Update Using Google Drive-0


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Doommas Update Dec 2110:47

Doommas Update Dec 21


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Doommas Update Dec 23


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