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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is Counter Sales
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  • Jacobkoopa

    Boy did I fall off the radar here...Not to fret over it too much, long story short: I focused too much on the streaming that I lost track of posting things here, and now, well, you can see the gap. Anyway, let's keep the ball rolling and just jump straight into Chapter 7!

    So, we are following events similar to Fear Itself, wwe have hammers hitting like the cosmic meteors they are and we already lost She-Hulk to one of them, becoming Skirn, The Breaker of Men. Sin has also fallen prey to an Uru Hammer and turned into Skadi, Herald of The Serpent. Well, as they say, sh*t just rolls downhill, and those of you who know how this Worthy stuff works, there are five more, with a new one now revealed as Luke Cage becomes Nul, Breaker of Worlds. Chec…

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  • Jacobkoopa

    TASKS HAVE ENDED A LONG WHILE AGO! And sadly, I still need to catch up to this. Feel free to draw your own conclusions while I get these final results together ~JacobKoopa - Feb 17, '14


    OK, so I'm a couple days behind on this, but better late than never, right? About a couple days back, a new lockbox was added to the system, with a very unexpected hero to be nabbed:

    Doctor Doom

    Yep, the mastermind behind the Syndicate plot of the first season is Playdom's Holiday Gift for all, and for the first time, a Lockbox made available outside of PVP and a Spec Op. The rules for obtaining this Lockbox are fairly simple, actually, as you can only obtain them in (as of Dec 20th) three forms:

    A) Winning them in the Daily S…

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  • Jacobkoopa

    Want to find out how this all began and see the individual results of each person in each team? Head to the first blog here

    Wow, that was some month of data collection! I want to start off by thanking EVERYONE who volunteered their time and patience to make this happen. It is a great thing to see this come together in such a fashion that we are able to see what works, what doesn't, and above all, if its all just pure statistics. I could not have done this without the support of everyone who participated, both on and off the original teams.

    Now, let's get to business. I'm not going to recap the details when you can find them in the first blog here, but I will also highlight another blog here, Titeuf24's Probability Tables for Lockboxes. This ex…

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  • Jacobkoopa
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  • Jacobkoopa

    Alright folks, I may not be Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman, but I sure a hell know when there is something that is in dire need of busting. Several posts have been coming up stating that you are able to obtain the Lockbox Hero by saving up to 120+ lockboxes and opening them up all at once as opposed to opening them once you have a set of 10. For anyone who knows the mathematical probability and random number generation of the game, we already know to call bullsh*t, but hey, we can be nice guys too, so, when this thread came up, I decided to put the method to the test.

    Current Status : Results are in! Head to The Results Blog to see if this myth is busted or not!

    Want to find where you are? Press Ctrl+F and type your name in the field that shows…

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