Okay, first of all I want to clarify something. This is not an official announcment. This is simply a speculation.

I think Spec Ops 6 would involve Vision, Hank Pym, Ultron, and more. Why do I think that? Because Vision was announced in the New York Comicon as a Spec Ops prize. Therefore, he will most likely be the next Spec Ops hero. First of all, I think he will be a generalist. He is Generalist material. Some people say he can be a bruiser, Tactician, Blaster or whatever. I think he should be a Generalist because:

1. He is a robot, and has all traits of all classes. He has energy, which can say he's a Blaster. He's super strong, so some people think he can be a Scrapper or Bruiser. He can change his density so much he can move through things, which can say he's an Infiltrator. He has the traits of a leader, which means he can be a Tactician.

2. Playdom needs to make its Generalist tier bigger. Vision is the perfect candidate.

3. Just wanted a third one.

So this is why I think he should be a Generalist. I think that Spec Ops 6 will be like this:

Mission 1: 

Miniboss: Prime Sentinel

Boss: Omega Sentinel

Mission 2:

Miniboss: Fixer

Miniboss 2:  Whiplash

Boss: Crismon Dynamo

Mission 3:

Miniboss: M.O.D.O.K

Miniboss 2: Power Armor

Boss: Ultron

Epic Boss: Dr. Doom

I think this can be a great Spec Ops and I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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