First of all, I think this game should have more cheap heroes (more heroes, less price). Playing as new chracters enriches the game and makes it more fun. When I heard Cable was going to have 2 sets of abilities I told myself I would get him no matter what. Unfortunatly, I got to Diamond league and lost him. Even though I didn't get him, I looked up his abilities and found a few videos. I wanted Cable even more after that. I thought Playdom finally made the game advance, both in character amount and in their abilities. Maybe this was the so-called "Path To Hank Pym". As most of you probably know, Hank Pym was Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Yellowjacket. I expect nothing less than 3 sets of abilities or I would be disappointed. I also think it's a good idea to make more classes. These classes are getting a bit boring.  I think more heroes should be revamped. There are a lot of useless characters and costumes. I'm not saying that EVERY hero and costume should have some sort of OP passive. For example, Wolverine. He was suppoesed to be better. He costs 90 Command Points and he is one of the most useless heroes in the game. first of all, I think he should have a passive calles "Animal Instict" so he can track invisible targets and can hit even when he's blinded. Secondly, I think have higher Evasion. On a different subject, I think there should be some sort of gadget that could bring back heroes from the dead. That would make the game harder but also more fun. Brother Voodoo is coming soon, so maybe he could have that sort of ability. Thanks for reading!

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