Almost every player has Emma Frost now one way or another. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that so many players managed to get their hands on Emma Frost, but I'm a little annoyed to. The reason I am annoyed is that people think it's cool to be unbeatable in PVP and then they put Emma Frost and a tank (Captain America, Colossus etc.). It is a very good strategy but no oone thinks about the consequences. Almost every PVP battle becomes 5 round long or less...

My opinion is: the best way to fight Emma Frost is to get Emma Frost for yourself.Destroy the tank first and then focus all your attacks on Emma Frost (she has Organic Recovery but it doesn't matter if all of your team attacks her). Before you attack Emma Frost you should see if the agent has Cruative Reach or any gadget like that (you don't have to but it will make your job much easier).

I would love to hear comments...

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