Captain Britain Portrait Art

Captain Britain

Hi everyone. So I just bought Captain Britain. After reading about all his skills I took him to PVP (he was lvl 1, but I have an odd tradition of taking lvl 1 heroes to pvp). So anyway, he KICKED ASS!!! I paired him with Mockingbird and he took out Ghost Rider in 2 turns! Mockingbird gave GR exposed, slowed, weakened, and dizzy, and after 2 hits from the Captain he was done. I think that the fact that he starts with a boost to his stats is really cool, but if you already reached the part you need to ISO him, I would reccomend stanima. Also, you might want to protect him from Blasters in PVP, because Phoenix can take him out in 1 Phoenix Fire move. I think he would be a required hero for Spec Ops 7.

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